Eclipse Tools NVT Connectors

Network Video Technologies has dedicated themselves to bringing the most innovative technology to their customers around the globe. Their customer base includes government agencies, health care and hospitality settings, retail, manufacturing, education buildings, and much more. They are proud to have been the first company to introduce the security industry to switch technology, which delivers PoE and Ethernet through a single wire with four to six times the reach of regular switches.

  1. NVT NV-RJ11A-2P RJ11 to 2 Screw Terminal Adapter

      • RJ11 to 2 Screw Terminal Adapter, sold in packs of 4
      • Can support a 16-24-gauge range of cable
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    SKU: NV-RJ11A-2P
  2. Eclipse Tools 701-016 Insulated Red Wire Ferrules, 16 AWG x 14mm, 500 Pcs

      • Provides high quality termination and years of trouble free service
      • All ferrules are copper with tin plating (UL* and RoHS)
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    SKU: 701-016
  3. NVT NV-EC4BNC 1:4 BNC Coax Splitter

      • The NV-EC4BNC may be used mid-span along a wire run whenever coax splitting is required
      • The NV-EC4BNC is not intended for use with analog or CATV video transmision
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  4. $22.26
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    SKU: 902-550-50
  5. NVT NV-RJ45A RJ45/Screw Terminal Block Adapter

      • Male RJ45 to-screw-terminals
      • Use with NVT Hubs that have RJ45 video ports
      • Heavy duty design assures reliable connection
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    SKU: NV-RJ45A
  6. NVT NV-BNCA BNC to Screw Terminal Adapter

      • Used by NVT’s IP transceivers to convert from BNC to 2-wire
      • Used with NV-EC1701U transceiversv
      • Used mid-span along a wire run whenever conversion between coax and 2-wire cable is required
      • Eight screw-terminal connections each support wire diameters as large as 16AWG 1.3mm
      • Can be used in applications such as: 4:1 fanout, daisy-chaining or 4-pair wire connectivity
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  7. NVT NV-BNCT BNC "T" Adapter

      • The NV-BNCT may be used at the head-end or mid-span for coax daisy-chain applications
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  8. Eclipse Tools 788-RX50 Premium Modular Plugs - 8P8C Cat5e Round Solid Cable (1000 Pcs)

      • Contacts: 8P8C
      • Cable Type: Round
      • Wire Type: Solid
      • Premium 50 µin Gold
      • Qty: 1000 pcs
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    SKU: 788-RX50
  9. Eclipse Tools 700-RA50 Premium Modular Plugs - 10P10C Round Stranded Cable (1000 Pcs)

      • Contacts: 10P10C
      • Cable Type: Round
      • Wire Type: Stranded
      • Premium 50 µin Gold
      • Qty: 1000 pcs
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    SKU: 700-RA50