Bogen American Dynamics MuxLab Hikvision Connectors

Bogen Communications, Inc., a subsidiary of Bogen Corporation, is a leading provider of sound systems and telephone peripherals for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. Their products include audio amplifiers and speakers; related sound, intercom, and communications systems equipment; and background and foreground music equipment.

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  1. MuxLab 500501 DisplayPort to HDMI Active Adapter

      • Converts DisplayPort to HDMI
      • HDCP Compliant
      • Supports up to 4K (3840x2160) @ 24, 25, and 30Hz
      • Active device for improved compatibility
      • No external power supply required
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    SKU: 500501
  2. Bogen 2518 18 Gauge Connector Kit for P135A, 30 PCS

      • 18-Gauge Connector Kit is designed to install into the P135A High Powered Intercom
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    SKU: 2518
  3. Bogen 2520 20-Gauge Connector Kit for P135A Intercom, 30 PCS

      • 20-Gauge Connector Kit is designed to install into the P135A High-Powered Intercom
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    SKU: 2520
  4. Bogen 2522 22-Gauge Connector Kit for P135A, 30 PCS

      • 22-Gauge Connector Kit is a 30 piece connector kit for Bogen Intercom Paging Systems
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    SKU: 2522
  5. Hikvision DVI-HDMI-Adapter DVI (24+1)/M to HDMI 19/F, Optional for 6400 HDI-T Series Decoders

      • HDMI-DVI Adapter works seamlessly because of the signal compatibility between DVI (Digital Visual Interface) and HDMI to deliver the highest digital video quality
      • Easy to use, just plug and play
      • Hand-tightened screws provide a secure connection
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    SKU: DVI-HDMI-Adapter
  6. $6.38
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    SKU: DVI-VGA-Adapter
  7. $23.23
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    SKU: SP2113-0036-01
  8. Bogen PWR-CONN-SET Red/Black Connector Sets to Use with Bulk Loop Cable

      • Red/Black Connector Sets
      • Use with Bulk Loop Cable
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