Bosch Transformers - 120VAC, 110VAC

  1. Bosch UPA-12300-60 Power Supply 300 mA, 60Hz

      • Used for providing efficient and continuous power to CCD and Megapixel cameras, and keyboards
      • Meets Energy Efficiency Level IV ratings
      • Suitable for powering devices that consume less power, allegiant system accessories, and control devices
      • Operates at 120 VAC (rated input) and 12 VDC (rated output)
      • Complies with CE regulations, UL, CSA, EN, and IEC standards
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    SKU: UPA-12300-60
  2. Bosch ICP-TR1822-CAN Plug-in Transformer

      • For use in Canada
      • 110 VAC primary voltage input
      • 18 VAC, 22 VA secondary input
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    SKU: ICP-TR1822-CAN