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Vivotek Cybersecurity Management Solutions

Making sure your security cameras have the optimal software, help them to function efficiently, is essential when keeping the desired area of surveillance safe. One of our manufactures, Vivotek, has released its new software VAST 2 that can automatically update and keep your system safe! But what is the purpose of this software, and how does this benefit you? Surveillance-Video has the answers you’re looking for!

Software For Cameras?

Having the right software is a vital aspect of having a fully functioning video system. Cameras need to be able to connect to the internet and the main security server to work correctly. he full connection allows you to view your camera feed from any location, helping you to feel secure.

Why the Auto-Updates

Auto-updates are always extremely beneficial. When living a hectic and fast-paced life, software updates can understandably be the last thing on your mind. To make sure your devices stay at a peak performance, Vivotek can directly monitor and update the software via your IP address. Keeping the software up to date will allow for instant replay and live feedback at any time.

How Does This Software Work?

Vivotek’s new software allows them to monitor issues with your video system in real time. Automatic triggers get set off when the system experiences a cyber attack. In addition to snuffing these out, the new software can also handle routine maintenance problems. VAST 2 houses an automatic problem feedback mechanism that can detect regular system problems and bugs. Any negative feedback will always be handled instantaneously. VAST 2 __ VIVOTEK __surveillance-security-news, blog - 20170719 vast2 e1577377950328 - Vivotek Cybersecurity Management Solutions

Rising Threats

As the digital age continues to grow, more and more threats can begin to manifest. If your video system is not protected properly, it is susceptible to a variety of cyber attacks. When hit with certain viruses, the following issues may develop:

  • The entire video system is thrown offline, rendering cameras useless.
  • Unwanted parties can have live access to your camera feed.
  • Holes or blind spots in your video system can develop without you noticing.
  • Your entire video system’s memory can be wiped.

Having the right software can make all the difference when setting up a security system. VAST 2 allows all users to rest easy at night. Problems can be detected automatically and resolved swiftly. Any updates will also be handled by Vivotek, removing the necessity of dealing with them yourself. Surveillance-Video carries many different Vivotek cameras that are VAST 2 enabled, so be sure to check them all out to find the best option for your convenience.

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