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Upgrading Your Surveillance Technology to True Facial Recognition Cameras

blog - true facial recognition vs facial detection 892x1024 - Upgrading Your Surveillance Technology to True Facial Recognition CamerasNext-generation facial recognition security cameras are here—and they’re not just for the 1%.

True facial recognition surveillance cameras have reinvented the way that all organizations and companies monitor activity. A milestone in the surveillance world, true facial recognition cameras cut down the time you spend tracking activity by providing useful information and statistics about specific people. These futuristic camera systems are designed to monitor activity inside schools, offices, restaurants, bars, and malls, allowing access to more insights and customization features than ever. Upgrading to this cutting-edge technology is possible (and easy) for anyone with an existing facial detection system.

1. Facial Recognition Cameras are Affordable for Business and Building Owners

Facial recognition cameras have emerged as an efficient and cost-effective way to keep family, students, or employees safe. The best part: you can easily take advantage of this new technology, without the need for an existing security system overhaul.

These cutting edge cameras are designed to synchronize with existing technology. Many building owners install facial recognition cameras at entry and exit points, with facial detection cameras throughout the building. Facial recognition security cameras have a 98-100% success rate, and facial detection cameras a 30-80% success rate. Cameras of both styles can work in harmony to create a budget-friendly and effective surveillance network.

Parents, customers and other stakeholders aren’t likely to object to this technology, either. In fact, 54.8% of Americans agreed facial recognition cameras should be permitted as a public safety measure.

2. Track Who Enters and Exits Your Building

Facial recognition recorders don’t just identify faces. Through integrated software, they also generate important insights about who is entering and exiting, and when. These user-friendly features make investigating potential conflicts a breeze.

InVid’s industry-leading software allows you to organize and view this information in several formats. By registering a name with each face, you can conveniently click on individual names, rather than sifting through faces. Then, create groups of students, employees, or patrons to examine related activity. Or, use the face database management system to explore and view statistics for various faces. Search by face to see timestamped entrances, as well as travel paths.

These groundbreaking features are essential for improving your building’s surveillance network, but are also useful for day-to-day operation. This face identification feature also functions as a virtual time clock, verifying employee attendance and timeliness.

3. Facial Recognition Recorders Send Automated Alerts

Standard security cameras are designed to record all activity for later viewing, but true facial recognition takes this a step further. Customize your alert settings to receive notifications each time an individual you’ve designated as suspicious or dangerous enters the premises, regardless of when their last visit was.

Issued via text or email, real-time alarms enable you or your staff to prevent and control potential threats or disturbances immediately. This feature works on multiple levels, too. You can sound a louder siren for individuals you’ve designated as serious threats.

This feature is useful for all types of companies and organizations:

  • Schools can be alerted whenever a suspicious individual is sighted around the premises
  • Restaurant and bar owners can be alerted of patrons who have previously caused disruptions
  • Homeowners can be alerted if certain people enter the home

4. Access Facial Recognition Software While Mobile

This high-end technology doesn’t require an elaborate control system. You can even access the InVid mobile app, which provides the same custom settings and view options as your computer.

The mobile app offers a simple way to register faces by name and picture, too!

Facial Recognition Security Camera Systems

The days of meticulously scrolling through video footage to investigate conflicts are over. True facial recognition technology automates and streamlines this intuitive process to take seconds, rather than minutes. Reach out to our experts for advice about how to properly equip your building for a smooth transition.

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