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True Facial Recognition Technology: 8 Game-Changing Features

news-articles, cameras, blog - true facial recognition vs facial detection 892x1024 - True Facial Recognition Technology: 8 Game-Changing FeaturesTrue facial recognition technology is more effective than any other surveillance solution that came before it. Many building owners are excited about this technology— with 72% of hotel managers planning to implement it in the near future. But many building owners haven’t yet realized that it’s also conveniently designed with futuristic features that will change how you monitor and receive alerts about activity inside your building forever.

Best Facial Recognition Technology Features

Many of these features take your building’s ongoing dedication to safety and security to the next level. Other true facial recognition features provide insights, which makes internal record keeping even more convenient.

1. Facial Recognition

As facial recognition cameras record inside or outside buildings, they recognize faces. The unprecedented level of detail in recognition allows for a number of other features, and for building owners to observe, monitor and regulate activity in many ways.

2. Face Database Management

Each face recorded by the facial recognition camera is added to the Face Database. This system makes it simple for users with varying levels of technical expertise to add and delete faces they want to track. Faces can be viewed in a grid-like format, or organized with custom criteria.

The custom lists feature is especially useful for schools, restaurants, bars, and other buildings looking to keep particular individuals out. Creating block, allow, and other custom lists makes tracking these permissions easier than ever, too.

3. Face Statistics

Facial recognition camera systems also compile information about each individual face that passes by. Whether it’s five or five thousand times, the software automatically logs this data away. Users can view this information in the Face Statistics section of the software.

You can also manipulate how the data is presented to learn different information. For example, you can view how many people in each custom-created list passed a certain camera. This option might be useful for building owners monitoring employee activity. Users can also view this data during wider time periods, like the day, week, month, quarter, or a custom range.

4. Face Registration

Face registration enables users to organize this information in a way that makes sense for them.

Registering faces is a convenient, user-friendly option for all users to effectively manage the data collected by the surveillance camera system. One way to register this data is by uploading pictures of each individual, along with a name.

The mobile application streamlines the face registration process, especially for on-the-go users. Using a smartphone, you can simply take a picture of a face, register a name, and add the individual to a list.

5. Facial Recognition Cameras With 24 Hour Color Recognition

Gone are the days where facial detection technology only worked in well-lit areas. Thanks to Ultra Starlight technology, facial recognition security cameras work at all hours, around the clock. During night or day, and regardless of the weather, these camera systems capture 7 different points of the face, and up to 12 faces at a time, for realistically colored images.

6. Attendance Functionality of Facial Recognition Camera Systems

In addition to security-related functionality, true facial recognition technology also streamlines your operations. The cameras timestamp each movement, meaning managers can use these records to verify attendance.

Every time an employee enters or leaves the building, you’ll receive a notification. This activity is also viewable in video mode, or through an exported report.

7. Alarm System

The blocked list can help you keep track of unwelcome customers, but also serves a more practical purpose. You can configure your facial recognition security system to sound an alarm each time an unwelcome customer enters the premises.

Various alarm settings allow for different levels of urgency in response to familiar faces. For example, you may choose to be notified via text or email when a disorderly customer enters the premises. However, you can also set a more intense alarm, like an actual alarm, for violent customers.

8. Easy-to-Operate Interface

Facial recognition technology is complex, but it’s designed to be used by people with wide-ranging technical skill sets. Whether you have prior experience with surveillance technology or not, you can easily peruse the database to find the information you need.

Browse our expansive selection of the latest facial recognition technology to outfit your building with the best surveillance equipment available. Or, contact a sales representative for advice about a solution that works for you!

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