news-articles, blog - surveillance video 2267 1241968241 - The Ultimate Guide To Home Disaster Recovery

The Ultimate Guide To Home Disaster Recovery

news-articles, blog - surveillance video 2267 1241968241 - The Ultimate Guide To Home Disaster Recovery
Home disasters and other accidents can occur at any time. It is difficult to recover from these devastating events but there are resources that can help you. One important step that you can do now is to make sure that you have the proper insurance that can help you pay for any needed home repairs or replace damaged or lost items. You should also have plans in place to protect your family. These plans can keep you from panicking when you are in a difficult situation.


A fire can be a devastating disaster. If the fire is big you may be dealing with the loss of your home or serious home repairs. You may also be struggling with the loss of personal items such as pictures, computers and family heirlooms that simply cannot be replaced. The first thing you should do after the fire has been put out is contact your insurance agent so that you can begin to process your claims and rebuild. Your insurance company may require that you use certain providers and builders to complete the repairs and clean ups. You should contact at least three contractors for quotes on the cost of repairs. To prevent future fires you should install smoke alarms throughout your house. Additionally you should have a professional complete wiring projects and avoid leaving candles or cigarettes lit at home. Fires can happen at any time however, so always have your family prepared with evacuation routes and meeting points should you get separated.


Theft is a devastating disaster at home. The first step when you discover that you have been robbed is to file a police report. If you arrive home and suspect your house has been robbed, do not go inside. Use your cell phone or a neighbor’s phone to contact police. If you are already in the house avoid disturbing the contents of your home until you have filed your report. Then you should contact your insurance agent to make a report. You will need to compile a list of the items taken so that you can replace them. Since many burglars will hit a home more than once you should also consider installing an alarm system or video surveillance system to protect your family and your possessions. You may also want to set up a neighborhood watch program to help prevent crimes in the future.


Flooding can occur as a result of a storm or as a result of plumbing issues in your home. If you have a major pipe break you should have it repaired and have the plumber check all the pipes in your home. This can prevent the flooding from happening again. If you have been flooded you should contact your insurance agency to see if the damage is covered under your insurance policy. Many home insurance policies do not cover flooding. It is important to dry out the flooded area as quickly and thoroughly as possible. There are special teams that can do this and they work to prevent mold from spreading throughout the home. Depending on the severity of the flooding you may need to consider replacing your carpeting or your walls. If the flooding happened as a result of a bad rainstorm consider ways to reroute the water flow so that it does not enter your home during a storm. Landscaping can make a big difference. You can excavate a path and a drain for the water or add plants that will help absorb the water more quickly.
Storm Damage

Sudden strong storms can cause serious damage to your home. This damage can be done by strong windstorms, tornadoes, thunderstorms or snowstorms. It is important to repair the damage as quickly as possible so that you can prevent further damage to your home. There is little that you can do to prevent storms, but you can limit the damage by taking care of the trees in your yard. You should make sure there are no dead branches and that the trees are in good health. You can also install storm windows that you can quickly close during bad weather. It is important to talk to your insurance agent as soon as your home suffers any storm damage. They may have a list of contractors you could use. Additionally you should have an emergency plan in place in the event of severe weather.
Home disasters are very difficult things to deal with. It is important to have a good home insurance policy in place to help protect possibly the biggest asset you’ll ever have. Additionally you may want to seek counseling after a home disaster and take the time to explain to your young children what has happened. This can help your whole family deal with the far-reaching aspects of a disaster.


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