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The Perfect POE Switch Solution For All of Your 16 IP Cameras

Having been in the security industry for over 30 years I have been asked many of interesting questions, and have always found innovative solutions for them.

Today’s topic is a question I have been asked thousands of times. “I have a 16 Channel Network Video Recorder and I want to connect a 16 channel POE switch to it, but wouldn’t 1 of the ports have to be used for the LAN to get onto the existing network?”

The answer is ordinarily, yes.  16 channel POE Switches usually have 16 LAN (RJ45) connections, which means you can really just hook up to 15 IP cameras to it and the last 16th spot would have to be used to get you on your network.

Recently, I have found that Trendnet has an excellent solution for this issue.

TRENDnet’s 18-Port NVR PoE+ Switch, model TPE-3018L

The TPE-3018L is designed for use with a 16-channel NVR surveillance system. Users are able to connect all 16 IP cameras to this switch, while still providing 2 shared uplink ports for dedicated connections to your network, NVR, and/or NAS devices. This switch features a 220 watts total power budget, providing the user with enough power for even the most demanding surveillance applications. Use the convenient front-panel LED display to view total power, available power, and power-per-port. Rack mountable hardware design and front-panel LEDs easily integrate into your existing NVR and IP surveillance solutions.

Recently, the New York City Transit Authority approached us with an application where they had to cover a parking lot area with 16 IP cameras and needed to get all of them onto their network.  We advised them to use the Trendnet TPE-3018L, They bought it and after receiving had told us that it worked perfectly for their application.  They told us that they had tried looking for a unit like this but came up with no answer and were so happy with this simple and effective solution.

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