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The Craziest Security Camera Systems

news-articles, blog - surveillance video 2267 981624860 - The Craziest Security Camera Systems

Surveillance cameras are used for everything from monitoring the indoor or outdoor security of your home to keeping an eye on the nanny, in-home contractors or anyone else with regular access into your home. Technology has come a long way in designing some of the most inconspicuous security cameras you may have ever seen. Tiny cameras occupy many ordinary household items from alarm clocks, vases, planters, teddy bears, lamps, and much more. These items can keep you and your surroundings quite safe and secure.

These unusual hiding places for surveillance cameras have also been popularly referred to as nanny cameras or nanny cams. Nanny cameras are inexpensive cameras hidden away within unexpected items like a DVD players or a book on a shelf. The name came about because parents often used these cameras to catch nannies or other caregivers who might be negligent or abusive toward their children.

There are some really crazy gadgets being used as security monitoring devices. Many times these cameras are wireless to make them appear less suspicious. For instance, if a can of air freshener on the kitchen counter is being used as a security camera, it needs to be wireless so that it can be repositioned or moved from room to room. There may even be a small amount of actual air freshener in the can in case someone decides to pick it up to use. It’s the perfect way to record a new babysitter or housekeeper. In some cases, real time video can be streamed over the Internet so that you can easily monitor your home from a remote location.

A security camera disguised as a framed picture can be ideal in situations that need monitoring, such keeping a close eye on a family member in a retirement facility. And you could set up a security camera system in your backyard using planters, garden statues, or rocks to ensure that no one hops over your fence uninvited to take a swim or engage in any other criminal activities on your property.

There are so many unusual security camera systems available. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes – you can even find a camera that doubles as an ink pen! The unusual design of many security cameras make them the ideal choice when you need a monitoring solution that isn’t too obvious, but will help you get the evidence you need.


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