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The Closing of Interlogix Global Security Products

surveillance-security-news, blog - interlogix closing 2019 - The Closing of Interlogix Global Security ProductsInterlogix, one of the security industry’s largest manufacturers, has announced it will shut down at the end of 2019. The company was a member of UTC Climate, Controls and Security, who has elected to shut down Interlogix in order to concentrate on growth opportunities in their fire and security businesses. Though Surveillance-Video offers various products from Interlogix, we can provide viable alternatives that are able to serve the same/similar security purposes.

Who Are Interlogix?

Interlogix was formulated back in 2000 as a merger between two different companies, ITI and SLC Technologies. In 2002, interlogix was acquired by General Electric and renamed to GE Security in 2004. Then, in 2010 UTC purchased the security business of General Electric and reverted the name to Interlogix. At the time of closing, Interlogix distributes intrusion, video, transmission, safety, and access products to keep costumers feeling safe and satisfied. They also offer customer support for their products, and this service will stay open and available even after the company has closed. Interlogix does not want to leave anyone in the dark and will stay committed to those who previously put their faith in the company. A truly global presence, Interlogix has provided its services to Australia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Middle East during its long-running existence.

Alternative Technology

Surveillance-Video carries numerous Interlogix products on our website. From fire and home alarms to surveillance cameras, Interlogix has provided quality goods to many of our consumers. While you may be concerned where you will find these necessities once the company ceases production, Surveillance-Video is partnered with numerous providers who offer plenty of other options:

  • OPTEX: OPTEX is a total security and solutions provider that has been growing its reputation of excellence worldwide for over 40 years. Surveillance-Video currently carries home intercoms and security cameras produced by OPTEX, along with a variety of other products.
  • Bosch Security: Bosch offers a full range of safety, surveillance, and communication products to ensure you are provided with the latest in surveillance-based technology. Carrying over 4,000 Bosch devices, we are sure you’ll be able to find the Interlogix alternatives that fit your specific needs.
  • Tane Alarms: Tane Alarms has been manufacturing alarm systems since 1984. Tests are performed on these systems to confirm they are operating error-free for over 10,000,000 cycles before being sold. We make sure only the highest quality of products are sold on our site and Tane Alarms falls into this category.

While the closing of Interlogix will change the landscape of the security industry at the end of 2019, you need not worry about missing out on cutting edge intrusion and surveillance equipment.

Surveillance-Video partners with several security manufacturers that provide the perfect substitutes for you.

Checkout the below manufactures for all your future intrusion needs!

surveillance-security-news, blog - bosch - The Closing of Interlogix Global Security Products
surveillance-security-news, blog - optex - The Closing of Interlogix Global Security Products
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