A lot of crimes committed in the real world can also be committed on the Internet. These include harassment, identity theft, fraud, embezzlement, and stalking. The criminal can use basic information discovered about you on the Internet. Then, he can contact your friends, relatives, and colleagues to learn more.


Cyber stalking can be very dangerous depending on who is stalking you. What is undeniable is the fact that stalking can be distressing to a victim. If you think you are being stalked, the first thing you need to do is to find out who it is. Is it someone you’re had a previous relationship with? Someone you’ve met on forums or chat rooms? Look into what it says. Is it threatening? Or is it simply annoying?


Once you answer these questions, you’ll get a better idea of who you’re dealing with. Below are practical tips that can help you protect yourself:

· Be careful about revealing personal information on the Internet

· Use a nonsense password – use a combination of numbers, symbols, and letters that have no relation to you as a person

· Avoid using female usernames if you’re a woman – depending on the net community you participate in, it is better to avoid revealing that you’re a female

· Never reveal credit card information in a non-secure environment. secure web pages typically begin with “https” instead of “http”. Check out websites such as Four 11 and WhoWhere to see what information is available on the net about you as a person.

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