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Safe Game Sites for Kids

August 11, 2013 Lowell Bradford News & Articles,Blog 0 Comments

Are the websites sites your kids are playing on considered safe game sites? The World Wide Web is a great place for kids to learn, socialize and play games. The Internet can also be a dangerous place if kids and their parents are not careful. As parents, it is important to make sure that websites that can be dangerous or contain adult and offensive content are blocked from children’s view. It is also a very good idea to make sure kids know not to click on the advertisements they might see at the top or going across a web page. These ads can be tricky or can contain harmful viruses that can do serious damage to your computer. Advertisements online can also lead to dangerous websites such as explicit or offensive web pages, so avoid them at all costs.

When on web forums, kids need to know that they should not talk to strangers. Understanding basic Internet safety is the key to both a safe and enjoyable experience. The Internet can be a positive place where kids of all ages can learn and explore the world around them. There are also some excellent ways to pass the time using educational games and websites. As long as parents and their children work together, using the web is a positive thing that can provide hours of fun and learning.

If you’re looking for safe, reliable websites, there are plenty of good resources and many good sites where kids can explore. Having a dependable list of safe, trustworthy websites is a good starting point for parents to pass on to their children. Kids should enjoy many interesting and fun interactive websites where they can enjoy playing, learning, and interacting without having to worry about viruses or potentially dangerous people. As parents, knowing what a safe website looks like is the key to making sure your kid stays safe while online.

For more information and some excellent, safe websites with games and more for kids, please refer to the following websites:

  • Cyberkidz – This website has a large assortment of fun, educational games designed especially for kids.
  • Digger and the Gang – From the BBC, this web page has adventure games for kids from ages five to eleven.
  • Funbrain – This super cool site has a lot of kid-friendly and educational themed games for grades K-8.
  • Getty Games – Here, kids can find some really neat art related games to play.
  • Build Your Wild Self – You can create your own wild version of yourself combining human parts and animal parts and see what happens!
  • The Traveler IQ Challenge – Learn all about the world and geography by playing the Traveler IQ Challenge!
  • Skillwise – This site has all kinds of interesting ways to learn how to read, write, and learn grammar with some fun mixed in.
  • Make Your Own Music Game – A really fun website that lets kids create their own songs combining all kinds of different sounds; you can also email your song to a friend when complete.
  • Webwise Kids’ Games – These games are designed to teach kids about staying safe while using the Internet.
  • Safety Quiz for Kids – Take this quiz to see how you fare when it comes to personal safety.
  • Lil’ Fingers – This website is a great place for toddlers and younger children to read interactive story books and play games safely online.
  • Mr. Roger’s House – You can help to make your own cozy home inside of Mr. Roger’s House! The site also has games and songs.
  • Primary Games – Primary Games is the fun place to learn, with lots of great games and interactive activities where children can learn and explore.
  • Sparky the Fire Dog – This site is an excellent resource to teach kids about fire safety. Includes games and much more.
  • Net Smartz Kids – Children can learn about Internet and web safety here with a lot of good, helpful information as well as some games to play.
  • Up to Ten – This website has a lot of fun activities for younger children including coloring, games, animated cards, and more.
  • The NASA Kids’ Club – Learn all about outer space, the planets, and our universe at the NASA Kids’ Club.
  • Literacy Center – Here is a terrific resource for kids to learn shapes, reading, writing, and more, all while having fun and staying safe.
  • Disney Games – The Disney website has a lot of fun games for kids of all ages, with your favorite characters.
  • McGruff the Crime Dog – This famous crime fighting pooch has a lot of good games for kids to learn about staying safe.
  • Alive – A really fun website with plenty of arcade style games designed for children can be found here.
  • Alphabet Action – A simple yet effective way for younger kids to learn their alphabet is right here at Alphabet Action.
  • Cartoon Network – The Cartoon Network has over 250 games for kids to play that will keep them entertained and engaged.
  • Original Games – Here are some of the most creative, original, and beautiful games for kids online.
  • Kidd Safety – Play games with Kidd Safety, an online mascot dedicated to promoting kids’ safety.
  • Fire Safety Matching Game – This matching game is designed to teach kids about fire safety.
  • Practical Money Games – These games are designed to teach kids about how to spend and save their money.
  • National Geographic Kids Games – There are plenty of nature related educational games to be found here.
  • Girls Go Games – This website has lots of awesome games designed especially for girls.
  • Kids Know It – This site is chock-full of games and educational material.
  • 4 Kids Games – Lots of fun, simple yet educational games for kids can be found here.
  • Pocket Change Games – The US Mint provides some fun games to educate kids about money.
  • The Matching Game – Here, you can play the classic matching game online for free.
  • Test Your Water Sense – This game/quiz helps to teach kids about water conservation.
  • CIA Games –Check out some of these fun online games from the CIA.
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