surveillance-security-news, news-articles, cameras, blog - body temp camera system - Introducing The Invid Body Temperature Detection Camera System

Introducing The Invid Body Temperature Detection Camera System

surveillance-security-news, news-articles, cameras, blog - body temp camera - Introducing The Invid Body Temperature Detection Camera System

With the COVID-19 outbreak going on right outside our doors and in the rest of the world, we must be one step ahead. Did you know that there is a device that can accurately detect a person’s temperature when they step into a room? This advancement in technology is key to detecting the presence of any virus, such as the continually developing coronavirus (COVID-19) and stopping it’s spread in your facility.
S urveillance-Video is proud to present the Invid Body Temperature Detection Network C amera System. Contact us today or visit us online and see how our new thermal
technology can be used in your facility today!

What is a body temperature camera system?

The New Body Temperature Detection Network Camera System is a unique combination of thermal technology and video analytics that allows facilities such as schools, hospitals, doctor offices, airports, emergency rooms, and other crowded places to detect a person’s body temperature.

By detecting a person’s temperature as they enter your facility, this gives you the ability to detect anyone who may have viruses such as COVID-19. Once the system detects someone with a high temperature, it will alert your staff in advance and enable them to take the proper steps to protect themselves and everyone in the facility.

How does the body temperature detection camera system work?

The Body Temperature Detection System is made of 3 components. The SEC-BODYTEMPCAM1 thermal camera, the SEC-BBT infrared calibrator for
temperature accuracy, and the SN1A-4X4 4 channel Network Video recorder with built-in facial recognition technology and 8TB Hard Drive.

All of these components work together to provide a medical-grade temperature (+/- 0.54 degrees F). All you must do is install the thermal camera and the blackbody (you can mount it to a ceiling or wall and tripod bracket which is sold separately) between
9.8-16.5 ft away from each other. When a person walks through the black body, the camera will automatically detect the individual’s temperature. However, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The blackbody must be installed where the thermal camera can see it.
  • Do not lower your head.
  • Please take off any hats or caps.
  • Make sure you measure the room temperature when it is stable.
  • Set up tents outdoors to avoid interference from winds, sunshine, or high temperatures.

Other features of this device also include the following:

  • 8TB of video storage.
  • Body detection, up to 16 people.
  • 2 Megapixel Resolution Thermal image.
  • Response time of 30 ms.
  • 17 color control.

Check out this YouTube video here to see this in action or visit our website now to place your orders. If you have any questions regarding this device, feel free to reach out!

Don’t let COVID-19 stop you, be one step ahead and stop it’s spread when detected.

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