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Hybrid Recorder with Multiple Monitor Matrix Display Features

Being in the Security business for over 30 years , I have been asked tons of interesting questions, and have always found interseting solutions for them.

Todays topic is a question I have been asked thousands of times..which Is  –  I want a recorder that I can mix both analog and IP Cameras on , and then have a matrix feature where I can display different cameras on different monitors in any configuration.

I have found that Invid has an excellent solution for this application.

InVid UD2C-16 16 Channel SD-DEF Digital Video Recorder

Using the Invid UD2C-16  it will allow you to use  16  analog cameras and 2 IP cameras . If  you would prefer to have all 18 as IP cameras and no analog cameras , you can set it up that way as well.

As far as the Matrix features , what makes this recorder unique is that is has 3 independent monitor  outputs.  The ouputs are 2 HDMI , and 1 BNC (CVBS Compsite Video), and through the menu you can set each monitor output  to show independently of each other  whatever combination of multiple cameras  you would like to see.

Recently the Metropolitan Transit Authority approached us with an application where they had to install a recorder by one of the train stations, and show different cameras on their mutiple 55″ large LED Screens. They bought this unit from us and advised us that it worked perfectly for their application , and that they had tried looking for a unit like this but came up with no answer..and were so happy with this simple and effective solution.

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