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Coca Cola Uses Security Camera Footage For New Ad

June 14, 2013 Lowell Bradford Blog,Cameras 0 Comments

feel-good campaign usually has many different ways that it is created to pass the message around. Although an unlikely twist that the new Coca-Cola ad has used seems to be catching on all around the world with viewers passing the 1 million views mark on YouTube since it was uploaded on June 11. The video has also netted up to 13,000 likes with only about 500 dislikes, and continues to share the happiness with the world.



Coke's celebration of brave, altruistic, and foolish behavior uses footage from security cameras from all around the world and combines it to make a short video of good deeds, spontaneous actions, and generous hearts. Although the new ad ties in with Coke's "Open Happiness" campaign well, there are many skeptics, including The Huffington Post's U.K. edition, which wonders whether a selected number or all of the scenes used are actually staged. Other skeptics are also wondering how Coke managed to get the rights and footage of the security cameras that are used in the ad.


Update:A representative from Coke has issued a statement saying that although many clips shown in the ad are in-fact real, there are some clips shown that had to be recreated from the real situation because it was impossible to find the people shown and secure permission to use them in the ad.

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