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Choosing a Digital Camera

news-articles, blog - untitled1 - Choosing a Digital Camera
Traditional film photography will always have a special place in the world of photography but for the vast consumer market, the digital camera has taken over. Digital photography has a lot of distinct advantages compared to taking pictures on film. It allows you to view the shots immediately, erase unwanted photos without spending anything, and it doesn’t require the cost associated with developing the film. Digital photos can also easily be edited and uploaded on the Internet. If you plan on buying a digital camera, this guide will help you choose the right one:

Buying the Right Gadget

Several years ago, a digital camera that had the same visual quality as film camera would cost several thousand dollars. Today, prices have dropped significantly even as the quality of digital cameras increased. The majority of digital cameras in the market produce decent-quality images. There are several types of digital cameras and the following resources provide in-depth information:

  • Digicam Help – description of the various types of digital cameras from compact to advanced devices
  • Search Warp – overview of camera types and how it works
  • Short Courses – the features you can expect from different camera types

When purchasing a digital camera it’s important to look into its megapixel rating. The megapixel rating refers to the amount of data that a camera can capture in a single image. For example, digital cameras with high megapixels can take bigger pictures with sharper details. The photos look good when they are printed—even in large sizes. Aside from the megapixel rating, there are other features you should know about such as the image stabilization, color correction, on-board image editing, and auto-bracketing modes. These resources provide information on many camera features:

Image Storage

  • Home Tech Answers – memory sticks and additional storage devices you can use on a camera
  • Suite 101 – Digital Camera – how to have additional memory storage on your digital device


  • Digital Picture – lens reviews and DSLR camera types
  • Templeton’s Photography – tips, techniques, and advice about photography

Image Compression and File Formats

  • Trusted Reviews – reviews of digital cameras, its image compression, and file formats
  • Digital Camera Guide for Image Compression – tips and advice on choosing compression and file types
  • Computing Unplugged – understand how image compression works

With a bit of know-how, anyone can take decent photos with a digital camera on the full automatic mode. But to take advantage of the capability and features of the digital camera, it is important to learn how the manual settings work. Learning how to operate the manual settings will help you find the right exposure for particular lighting conditions and the subjects you are photographing. Keep in mind that lower-end models might not have manual settings.

Creative Controls

  • DC Resource – how you can take the best pictures possible
  • Kodak – the features of modern digital cameras

Learn More about Digital Photography

  • Photoxels Tutorials – techniques in digital photography
  • Digital Camera Online Courses – formal guide to taking digital pictures
  • Photography Tips and Tricks – get the best images by knowing the methods of taking great pictures

Digital photography undeniably has had a massive effect on the lives of people today. It archives our lives and our history as a people. With a basic understanding of digital photography and what its features can do, you can the power of photography to your advantage.

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