Axis Camera Brackets

  1. Axis 02110-001 TQ6501-E Parapet Mount

      • Outdoor-ready
      • Lightweight, made of aluminum
      • Easy to install
      • Compatible with standard pan tilt pole mounted camera fixings
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    SKU: 02110-001
  2. Axis 02421-001 TQ1602-E Conduit Back Box

      • IP66/IP67 storage compartment for connectivity devices
      • Impact resistant (IK10+) against vandalism attempts
      • ¾" / M25 conduit interface from both side and back
      • Designed for various Axis bullet cameras
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    SKU: 02421-001
  3. Axis 01706-001 1.5" NPS/NPT Male Coupler

      • Useful in retrofitting legacy camera installations
      • Can connect any Axis pendant kit to a legacy mount with either 1.5” NPS or NPT female threads
      • Lock nut is included
      • Suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor applications
      • To withstand various environmental stresses, such as impact, shock and vibration, corrosion, and UV exposure
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    SKU: 01706-001
  4. Axis 01721-001 F101 XF Wall Mount

      • Made of stainless steel
      • Resistant to corrosion
      • Sturdy and safe
      • Compatible with F101-A XF P1367
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    SKU: 01721-001
  5. Axis 01969-001 Wall Mount D101-A XF

      • Electropolished stainless steel finish (SS 316L)
      • Resistant to corrosion
      • Sturdy and safe
      • Compatible with D101-A XF P3807
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    SKU: 01969-001
  6. Axis 01444-001 T91G61 Wall Mount, Grey

      • Wall Mount Grey is specially designed to accommodate and safely protect against water ingress inside the mount, such as midspans and media converters
      • Pre-mounted Ethernet cable with IP66 RJ45 connector (with gasket) helps quickly and easily connecting power and data
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    SKU: 01444-001
  7. Axis 02111-001 TQ6901-E Adapter Mount Bracket for Retrofitting PTZ Cameras

      • Suitable for outdoor use
      • Lightweight, made of aluminum
      • Easy to repaint
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    SKU: 02111-001
  8. Axis 01446-001 T91B57 Pole Mount, Grey

      • Aluminum Pole Mount for indoor and outdoor installations, for poles with diameter between 100-410 mm (4"-16")
      • Includes 1 pair of AXIS Stainless Steel Straps 1450mm (57") with TX30 screw interface for ease-of-installation
      • Axis T91B57 Wall Mount Grey is compatible with mounts such as AXIS T91G61 Wall Mount Grey, T94J01A Wall Mount Grey. Color: Urban Grey
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    SKU: 01446-001
  9. Axis 01514-001 T94N01L Recessed Mount

      • Indoor and outdoor recessed mount for discreet installations in drop ceilings, roof overhangs/soffits of AXIS P37 Network Camera series
      • Also suitable for installations in plenum space, as the back box is made of metal with a ¾" hole for cable protection conduits
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    SKU: 01514-001