Video Modules - Internet Protocol System, Multi-Wire Digital Systems

  1. Hikvision DS-KD8003-IME1-Surface Video Intercom Module Door Station, Surface Mount

      • 2 MP HD Video Intercom Function
      • Access Control Function
      • Noise Suppression and Echo Cancellation
      • H.264 Video Compression
      • Low Illumination
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    SKU: DS-KD8003-IME1-Surface
  2. Aiphone GT-VB Video Module for GT Series Modular Entrance Stations

      • Video module for GT Series modular entrance stations
      • Includes PTZ camera with 170° viewing area
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    SKU: GT-VB
  3. Comelit 33410M Ikall Metal Video Module - 0 Buttons

      • Ikall Series 0-Button Module for Audio/Video Unit
      • Module designed for audio/video speaker unit, with stainless steel finish
      • To be fitted with a suitable video entry speaker unit depending on the cabling system used
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    SKU: 33410M
  4. Comelit 3475 S2 Audio/Video Module with Audio/Video Unit, Architectus Pro Range

      • Flush-mounted audio/video module (fitted level with the wall) and 3 mm thick stainless steel plate
      • Complete with Art. 4680C for audio/video/door lock management
      • Allows management of visual call, conversation and door lock status indications
      • For powering at 33 Vdc with art. 1595. Dimensions 184x184x3 mm
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    SKU: 3475
  5. $1,167.67
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    SKU: 01273-001
  6. $1,121.63
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    SKU: 01274-001
  7. Comelit 4682HKC Color Audio/Video Unit for ViP Kit System, iKall Series

      • ViP KIT system audio-video unit with terminal block
      • Complete with mini lens colour camera
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    SKU: 4682HKC
  8. Comelit UT1020 Ultra Simplebus1 Audio/Video Module

      • Ultra Simplebus1 Audio/Video Module
      • Easy to install and configure
      • Programmable audiovisual functions for users with disabilities
      • Adjustment and programming can be carried out without removing the module
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    SKU: UT1020
  9. Alpha 12F7 2 Wire Direct Electronics Video Panel, Stainless Steel

      • 2 Wire Direct Electronics Video Panel, Stainless Steel
      • Has a color camera /speaker /microphone and digital call electronics for 2-wire system
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    SKU: 12F7