Other Stations - Video/Audio Intercom, Plastic

  1. Comelit EX-700H Color Expansion Hands-Free Monitor for HFX-700M Series

      • Includes: (1) EX-700H Hands-Free Expansion Video Monitor for HFX-700M
      • Expandable up to 4 total monitors and 2 doorbell cameras
      • Simple 2 wire installation (CAT5e to 18AWG multi-conductor cable)
      • 3.5 inch LCD color monitor
      • Monitor Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
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    SKU: EX-700H
  2. Comelit 1998NV Audio/Video Porter Switchboard S1

      • Audio/video porter switchboard in desk version for Simplebus 1 system with microswitch keypad and 32-character alphanumeric display
      • Ergonomic handset with easier hang-up, thanks to concealed magnetic panels
      • Allows the code and name of the called and calling users to be displayed
      • Manages Day/Night mode and user/user intercom service
      • Allows management of alarm indications originating from use
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 1998NV
  3. ICRealtime Dinger 1080p/2 Megapixel Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera, 1.9mm Lens

      • HD Video - 2MP, 1080P
      • Super-Wide Angle - Horizontal 140°
      • PIR Detection - Horizontal 120°, 16.5 ft
      • Night Vision - 16.5 ft IR distance
      • Two-Way Talk - Real-time video and audio talk
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: Dinger
  4. Comelit 6101W-C Planux Lux Full Duplex Monitor in All White

      • 3.5 colour monitor with OSD
      • Equipped with sensitive touch technology and full-duplex hands-free function. Audio, ringtone, colour, brightness and contrast controls
      • You can select the ringtone you want from a choice of 7 different tunes
      • Equipped with door lock release pushbutton with LED, audio enable/disable pushbutton with LED, privacy or doctor function (selectable from menu) pushbutton, automatic switch-on pushbutton, 2 spare pushbuttons for various uses and 4 pushbuttons for menu access, navigation and confirmation
      • The monitor must be flush mounted using a 6117
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 6101W-C
  5. Aiphone JF-2HD Video Sub Master Station

      • All Call between inside monitors
      • Internal Picture Memory
      • Internal voice memo and outgoing message can be recorded for playback
      • Simple 2-conductor wiring
      • Surface mounts to wall on 1-gang box or ring
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: JF-2HD
  6. Comelit 6101W Planux Hands-Free Full Duplex Monitor-White Face Plate

      • On-screen display (OSD)
      • Sensitive Touch technology
      • Audio/video system
      • Self-ignition
      • Privacy conversation function
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 6101W
  7. Alpha 6354 3.5" Surface B+W Video Monitor, White

      • 3.5" surface B+W video monitor, white with backplate connector
      • Use with 6948 Ser power supply and 5556/004 video distributor
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    SKU: 6354
  8. Comelit 6750W Hands-Free BM Mini Door-Entry Phone, SBTOP

      • Hands-Free BM Mini Door-Entry Phone, SBTOP
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 6750W
  9. Comelit 6751W Hands-Free Mini Door-Entry Phone, Simplebus2 Audio

      • Hands-Free Mini Door-Entry Phone, Simplebus2 Audio
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    SKU: 6751W