Intercom Accessories - Audio Intercom

  1. LEE DAN OH-700 Black Powder Coated Steel Surface Box

      • Black Powder Coated Steel Surface Box
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    SKU: OH-700
  2. $20.66
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    SKU: NIR-2
  3. LEE DAN IH-101B Flush Galvanized Steel Back Box

      • Flush Steel Back Box- Newer Style
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    SKU: IH-101B
  4. Alpha AM490-22 22 Button Nameholder Module, Aluminum

      • 22 Button Nameholder Module-Aluminum
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    SKU: AM490-22
  5. LEE DAN PK-152 Ul Annunciator Power & Control Unit

      • ULĀ® 1069 Listed
      • High-quality integrated circuitry and electronic components.
      • Red LED for power in; Green LED for power out.
      • Provides steady light and slow tone for normal call; flashing light and rapid tone for emergency call.
      • Routine and emergency commons incorporate short protection circuitry.
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    SKU: PK-152
  6. Bogen SBA225 25 Room Selector Switchboard Panel

      • Color-coded guidelines
      • Built-in LED annunciators
      • Space-saving design
      • Modular versatility
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    SKU: SBA225
  7. Linear F110 Gooseneck Pedestal Surface Mount, Modular Tube Design

      • Surface Mount configuration (F110)
      • Rust proof extruded aluminum construction with black anodized finish
      • Universal face plate allows for custom installation
      • Modular design for easy installation and ideal for small package shipping
      • Measurements: surface mount (F110) is 45.7" high
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    SKU: F110
  8. Alpha IA543 5/4/3 Wire Apartment Intercom Amplifier, 2 Tones

      • It is a selfcontained unit not requiring an external amplifier
      • Used with 5, 4 or 3 wire apartment speaker type stations
      • Provides amplification, control and power circuits needed to operate a complete apartment intercom system
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    SKU: IA543
  9. Alpha CB901EX-048 Central Exchange Unit, 48 Cap

      • Clear two-way communications
      • Hands-free/loudspeaking
      • Confidential/Softspeaking capabilities
      • Manual Simplex operation at master stations
      • Microphone Cut-Off
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    SKU: CB901EX-048