Alarm Controls Burglar Alarms-Accessories

  1. Alarm Controls ZP-8AN Remote Annunciator Plate

      • Remote display for use with ZA-8N
      • Single gang stainless steel plate
      • Eight red LEDs
      • Momentary action reset switch
      • Duplicates the LED display on the AZ-8N zone annunciator
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    SKU: ZP-8AN
  2. Alarm Controls TS-14 Single Gang Pneumatic Time Delay Green Push Button, 1 N/O & 1 N/C Contact, "PUSH TO EXIT", Stainless Steel Plate

      • Switch mounted on single gang 430 stainless steel wall plate
      • Green button standard
      • Requires no external power
      • Labeled "PUSH TO EXIT"
      • Adjustable time range 2 to 60 seconds
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    SKU: TS-14
  3. Alarm Controls ZA-8N Eight Zone Annunciator for All Monitoring Applications

      • Independent zone annunciation
      • Full zone status indication with eight red LEDs
      • Built-in buzzer
      • Selectable normally-open, normally-closed, supervised loops
      • Individual zone bypass switches with bypass disable feature
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    SKU: ZA-8N
  4. Alarm Controls TS-19 Under Counter / Desk Door Release with One Normally Open and One Normally Closed Momentary Switch

      • S.P.D.T. contacts rated 4 Amps @ 28VDC
      • Push button protected with 1" guard ring
      • Switch terminated with colored leads
      • Enclosure size: 1" H x 1-1/2" W x 2" L
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    SKU: TS-19
  5. Alarm Controls EXP-1 Momentary Action Switch, PUSH TO EXIT

      • Designed for hazardous locations
      • 2" push button silkscreened with black epoxy ink
      • Latching action switch, labeled "PANIC"
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    SKU: EXP-1
  6. Alarm Controls SLP-6L Six DPDT Latching Switch Monitoring/Control Station

      • Designed to release or secure and monitor six electric locks
      • Switch and LED terminated with colored leads
      • Six DPDT illuminated latching or momentary push button with hi-brightness built-in LED
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    SKU: SLP-6L
  7. Alarm Controls TS-16 Pneumatic Time Delay Request to Exit Station

      • 1/4" push button protected by guard ring, mounted on single gang wall plate
      • Labeled "PUSH TO EXIT"
      • Adjustable time range 2 to 60 seconds
      • Requires no external power
      • Timer life: one million operations
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    SKU: TS-16
  8. Alarm Controls PS5-111 Single Gang Plate with Pneumatic Time Delay Switch, Clear Finish, Engraved "PUSH TO EXIT" and Filled in Black Ink

      • Machined from solid aluminum with engraved text and anodized finish
      • Tamper resistant mounting
      • Designed for use in high traffic areas
      • T-Style and Single Gang plates mount on a standard single gang electrical box
      • UL 294 (6th edition) listed
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    SKU: PS5-111
  9. Alarm Controls JP1-5 Pneumatic Time Delay

      • Time delay operator does not require power for timing function
      • One Normally-Open contact pair and one Normally-Closed contact pair
      • Contacts rated 10A @ 35VDC
      • Time range settable between 2 and 60 seconds
      • Switch time is repeatable ± 10%
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    SKU: JP1-5