Alpha Camden Door Controls ELK Push Buttons

Alpha Communications® is a manufacturer, supplier, and importer of intercom systems, nurse call and emergency-call systems, video intercoms, telephone entry, area of refuge, blue light towers and call stations, room status, access control and much more. In addition to their own brand, they are proud to be the exclusive importer for all of North America and the Caribbean, for S.T.R. intercoms and video intercoms, and for Golmar.

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  1. Camden Door Controls CM-30AT 2" LED Illuminated Green 'PUSH TO EXIT' Button with Adjustable 30 Second Timer

      • Large 2" square illuminated button mounted on stainless steel faceplate
      • Heavy duty stainless steel faceplate
      • 30 second adjustable timer
      • In-wall back box included
      • 12/24V with LED bulb
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    SKU: CM-30AT
  2. Camden Door Controls CM-5085-R Spring Return 2 3/8" Pushbutton, Aluminum Faceplate, DPST 1-60 Second Pneumatic Time Delay, Red Button

      • Large palm button
      • Vandal and tamper resistant
      • Indoor or outdoor applications
      • Large engraved symbols or words
      • Spring return to release operation
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    SKU: CM-5085-R
  3. Camden Door Controls CM-8085-R Spring Return, DPST 1-60 Sec Pneumatic Time Delay, Red Button

      • Low profile design
      • Protrudes less than 1” from wall
      • Button extends 1/4” from protective metal housing
      • Easy to activate
      • Good protection against damage and abuse
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    SKU: CM-8085-R
  4. Camden Door Controls CM-9080-3 DPDT Momentary, 'PUSH TO OPEN', Black Graphics

      • Steel button will withstand extreme attacks of all types
      • Button is countersunk in heavy 1/4" thick aluminum plate
      • Indoor or outdoor applications
      • Color coded 18 AWG leads, with spade connectors
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    SKU: CM-9080-3
  5. Camden Door Controls CM-310GPTE Rectangular LED Illuminated Exit Switch, Green Button, 'PUSH TO EXIT' Narrow Faceplate Graphics

      • Narrow Stainless Steel Face Plates
      • 1/2" by 3/4" illuminated buttons
      • Available in Green
      • 12/ 24V with LED bulb
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    SKU: CM-310GPTE
  6. Camden Door Controls CX-WC16-PSF Touchless Switch Restroom Kit with Power Supply, French

      • System kits updated to include all components; power supply, controller, activation switches, annunciation, door contact and electric strike
      • Exclusive products and features not available elsewhere
      • The widest range of design options for one or two door restrooms, including the option for touchless switch activation
      • Compatible with Camden ‘CX-WEC’ emergency call systems for universal restrooms
      • Specifically designed to meet the latest requirements of Ontario Reg. 368/13 Amendment to 2012 OBC for barrier free restrooms
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    SKU: CX-WC16-PSF
  7. $719.30
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    SKU: CM-8000-8
  8. Camden Door Controls CM-8085-3S Spring Return, DPST 1-60 Sec Pneumatic Time Delay, 'PRESIONAR PARA ABRIR', Black

      • 1" diameter, extended button
      • Mounted on heavy 1/4" thick aluminum plate
      • Indoor or outdoor applications
      • Spring return operation
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    SKU: CM-8085-3S
  9. Camden Door Controls CM-9600-3S Illuminated Piezoelectric Blank Push Button, 'EMPUJE PARA ABRIR', Black

      • Rugged stainless steel face plate
      • Fail safe / non fail safe selectable
      • N/O & N/C outputs
      • Integrated adjustable 40 second timer
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    SKU: CM-9600-3S