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Moog CV280D CamEvator Lowering Arm with Surge & Video Protection


Model #: CV280D

by Moog
  • Moog CV280D CamEvator Lowering Arm with Surge & Video Protection Moog CV280D CamEvator Lowering Arm with Surge & Video Protection
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Model #: CV280D

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Availability: Usually ships within 2 weeks

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Product Details

The Moog Videolarm CamEvator Lowering Arm with Surge & Video Protection is an electrically powered camera lowering device that allows you to easily service cameras at 80’ (24.38 m).

Customers often find it difficult to easily service high-altitude cameras at ground level. There are many reasons to quickly lower a surveillance camera including sensitive electronics that are prone to failure; optics obscured by unclean domes, common data and power loss, and camera upgrades. The process required to treat these issues was costly, dangerous, and often less frequent than recommended. The lowering arm eliminates the hassle associated with camera preventative maintenance and repair through a single key switch at ground level, from which a camera up to 85’ (25.91 m) in the air can be lowered and serviced within minutes. No bucket trucks, lifts, spotters, crash trucks, or special crews required. The CamEvator lowering arm is the simple solution for camera maintenance.

With its self-encased motorized system, the CamEvator is capable of lowering and raising most camera system enclosures with a simple yet secured operation. The system is factory wired, and incorporates an augmented cabling system that prevents long cable runs and wire entanglements.

With its industrial design consisting of an aluminum alloy body, stainless steel junction box, over-current protection, and secure (keyed) operational access, the CamEvator will provide you peace of mind when installing and servicing a high-altitude surveillance system

The camera industry is changing at a pace consistent with the growth of sensitive, high definition, video cameras. The CamEvator lowering arm fits this growing demand while allowing system owners to protect their camera investment, assuring that the appropriate level of service is provided at a fraction of the cost.


  • Lowering device allows for servicing camera systems at up to 80' (24.38 m)
  • Solid 1-piece cast aluminum construction prevents corrosion and water ingress
  • Safety first - though more than enough power is available to lift the camera, advanced sensor technology alerts the system when it is over weighted, or a cable has snagged, which results in a system stop to prevent damage to the camera and protect personnel standing below during operation
  • Easy to mount to a pole or wall with metal straps or wall mount
  • Service technician can stand up to 170' (51.8 m) away while lowering
  • Tested to withstand 150 mph wind load
  • Uses gold connector pins to reduce corrosion and ensure proper seating of the unit during docking procedure
  • Ideal for traffic, transportation, school, bridges, corporate high rises, and other high-altitude surveillance needs
  • Industrial design: aluminum alloy body and stainless steel junction box
  • Eliminate lift trucks and safety issues. Factory-wired, augmented cabling system avoids long cable runs and wire entanglement
  • Features over-current protection; lowering arm automatically shuts down when detecting strong weight tension
  • Compatible with most camera systems
  • Video and power surge protection
  • Self aligning docking feature prevents entanglements
  • Dual safety system offers added security from unforeseen servicing malfunctions
  • Heavy-duty lowering / raising motor
  • Secured operating system

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Manufacturer  Moog



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