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Network Video Technologies develops and markets an award winning line of video transmitters/receivers and hub/power systems for the transport of analog and IP video/data, low voltage and PoE power, over unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and Coax cable. While cables have been around for a long time there is always room for improvement and NVT continues to innovate seeking even better ways to gain unsurpassed performance in their equipment.

While being incorporated in the State of California NVT maintains its headquarters in Menlo Park and Sunbury, England. This means you are guaranteed friendly efficient customer service when you contact their support centre. So for the best cables in the business go NVT you won’t be disappointed.

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Network Video Technologies, Inc.

Tel: (650) 462-8100
Fax: (650) 326-1940

Continuing the legacy as one of the most recognized names in security, Interlogix affirms a long-standing commitment to market-leading brands. As a convenient one-source provider for our customers, our goal is to provide reliable and intuitive products that meet existing and future security needs. This means you can source your entire system from one provider rather than from different providers across the market. This delivers a hassle free installation and in the unlikely event of any problems occurring easier troubleshooting by the Interlogix support team.

With offices all over the world including the USA, Latin America, Australia and Canada there is always Interlogix office near you. This means that you expect only the best support and aftersales service.

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Contact Us
Tel: (888) 286-8889 opt. 2

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  1. NVT NV-RJ45A RJ45/Screw Terminal Block Adapter
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    Price: $8.10
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      • Male RJ45 to-screw-terminals
      • Use with NVT Hubs that have RJ45 video ports
      • Heavy duty design assures reliable connection
  2. NVT NV-EC4BNC 1:4 BNC Coax Splitter
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    Price: $13.50
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      • The NV-EC4BNC may be used mid-span along a wire run whenever coax splitting is required
      • The NV-EC4BNC is not intended for use with analog or CATV video transmision
  3. NVT NV-BNCT BNC T Adapter
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    Price: $4.50
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      • The NV-BNCT may be used at the head-end or mid-span for coax daisy-chain applications
  4. NVT NV-BNCA BNC Screw Terminal Adaptor
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    Price: $8.95
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      • Used by NVT’s IP transceivers to convert from BNC to 2-wire
      • Used with NV-EC1701U transceiversv
      • Used mid-span along a wire run whenever conversion between coax and 2-wire cable is required
      • Eight screw-terminal connections each support wire diameters as large as 16AWG 1.3mm
      • Can be used in applications such as: 4:1 fanout, daisy-chaining or 4-pair wire connectivity
  5. NVT NV-PC4PR RJ45 Patch Cord, 4-pair
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    Price: $3.00
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      • For Use with NV-EC1701 Transceivers
      • Camera End
  6. NVT NV-BNC-8 Coax Jumper Cables 2 Feet
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    Price: $37.70
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      • 8 Pack of 2' Coax Jumper Cables
  7. NVT NV-DPSC4 Detachable Power Supply Cord Splitter (2 Feet)
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    Price: $13.50
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      • 4 EoC Transceivers to 1 Power Source
      • Single C20 EIA (Male) Connector
      • 4 C13 EIA (Female) Plugs
  8. NVT NV-RMEC16-90 EoC Rack Mount Tray Kit ~ up to (4) EoC Transceivers w/56VAC-90
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    Price: $126.95
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      • Ideal for rack mounting up to (4) NV-EC1701 EoC transceivers and related 56VAC, 90 watt power supplies
      • Connect up to (16) IP or Megapixel cameras
      • Standard 19” (48cm) wide, 1.7” (4,5cm) high, 7” (17.8cm) deep
      • EoC transceivers, power supplies and BNC Adaptors sold separately

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8 Item(s)

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