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West Penn Seco-Larm Access Control

West Penn is a proud world leader in the production of advanced and reliable technological solutions to meet today’s demanding and challenging cable environment. Manufacturing professional low voltage electronic wires and cables for numerous applications, West Penn brings superior connection between devices time and time again.

The West Penn range of products include, but aren’t limited to, precision/broadcast video coaxial cable, broadcast cable, high frequency twisted pair cables along with optical fibre cables for high bandwidth and more.

Founded in 1971, West Penn is committed to providing their customers with products that are beyond value for money. With new technological advancements becoming readily available, West Penn will continue to create professional products that will cater to the ever changing world. For information about their warranty click here:

West Penn Main Centre – Washington DC

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Fax: 1-724-222-6420
  1. Seco-Larm SK-4131-SPSQ Split Series Keypad with Proximity Card Reader

      • Up to 50 (01~50) possible temporary visitor codes, which can be programmed for one-time or limited-time use (1~99 hours)
      • Up to 50 (01~50) duress codes for output #1, 10 (01~09) for output #2, 10 (01~09) for output #3
      • EEPROM Memory protects programmed information in case of power loss
      • Keypad illuminates when a button is pressed; backlight can be programmable for FULL or AUTO in standby mode
      • Keypad mounts to a standard single-gang back box (surface-mount back box included)
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    SKU: SK-4131-SPSQ
  2. Seco-Larm SD-997A-GBQ Fail-secure Electric Deadbolt

      • Stainless steel bolt, 5/8” diameter, 5/8” throw
      • Fail-secure operation (locks if power is lost)
      • Magnetic switch senses door position for positive locking
      • Includes control wire which allows for releasing without cutting unit's power
      • Over-current protection 1.5A.
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    SKU: SD-997A-GBQ
  3. Seco-Larm SS-095-1H4 High-Security Tubular Key Lock

      • Maintained OFF, springs back from ON
      • Key removable from OFF position only
      • Commonly used for momentary arm/disarm alarm inputs or other applications requiring high-security momentary ON
      • 12VDC, 2 Amps max
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    SKU: SS-095-1H4
  4. Seco-Larm SD-995C-D3Q No-Cut Door Strike

      • Low profile: Strike is only 1 1/16" deep for use with aluminum frames
      • Field-selectable for fail-safe or fail-secure operation
      • Mounting tabs included for mounting to hollow aluminum & metal doors
      • Reversible non-handed design fits either right-hand or left-hand doors
      • For indoor use only
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    SKU: SD-995C-D3Q
  5. Seco-Larm SD-927PKC-NEQ IR No-Touch Request-To-Exit Sensor With English Message

      • Range up to 4” (10cm)
      • Reliable IR technology senses motion
      • No touch reduces the risk of cross-contamination
      • Stainless steel single gang plate
      • 3A relay, triggers min. 0.5 sec. or as long as hand is near the sensor
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    SKU: SD-927PKC-NEQ
  6. Seco-Larm SD-998C-D3AQ 1/2" Tamper-Resistant Electric Rim Strike

      • UL 294 & UL 1034 Listed
      • Tamper-resistant
      • 12/24 VDC Operating voltage
      • Non-polarized connection
      • Horizontal adjustment
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    SKU: SD-998C-D3AQ
  7. Seco-Larm SD-993B-SS Electric Sheer Lock

      • Concealed security for remote access and exit control of aluminum and steel doors or gates
      • Smaller size for use with most metal door jambs
      • Zinc-plated magnet and armature, aluminum anodized housing
      • Works with sliding, single-action, and double-action (swing-through) doors and gates
      • Use with an optional digital keypad for keyless high security
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    SKU: SD-993B-SS
  8. Seco-Larm E-946FC-1K2SQ Electromagnetic Gate Lock with 1,200-lbs (544kg) holding Force, Face, Surface mount

      • Can be welded or bolted directly to gate
      • Black finish to match most gates
      • Maintenance-free, factory-sealed design
      • Mount vertically or horizontally
      • Four knockouts on junction box
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    SKU: E-946FC-1K2SQ
  9. Seco-Larm E-941DA-1K2P 1,200-lb Holding Force, Bond Sensor, LED, UL

      • Anodized aluminum housing (US 28)
      • 12 or 24VDC (selectable)
      • No residual magnetism
      • MOV surge protection
      • Adjustable mounting bracket
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    SKU: E-941DA-1K2P