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West Penn Rachio Bosch Folger Adam Alpha HID Access Control

West Penn is a proud world leader in the production of advanced and reliable technological solutions to meet today’s demanding and challenging cable environment. Manufacturing professional low voltage electronic wires and cables for numerous applications, West Penn brings superior connection between devices time and time again.

The West Penn range of products include, but aren’t limited to, precision/broadcast video coaxial cable, broadcast cable, high frequency twisted pair cables along with optical fibre cables for high bandwidth and more.

Founded in 1971, West Penn is committed to providing their customers with products that are beyond value for money. With new technological advancements becoming readily available, West Penn will continue to create professional products that will cater to the ever changing world. For information about their warranty click here:

West Penn Main Centre – Washington DC

TOLL FREE SALES: 1-800-245-4964
Fax: 1-724-222-6420
  1. HID 910PTNNEK00028 Multiclass SE RP15 Smart Card Reader

      • Simple Migration from the most popular proximity technologies to iCLASS®
      • Open Architecture Design allows project specific formats and keys
      • Provides flexible options for processing multi-technology cards and configuring the reader's audio/visual characteristics
      • All HID card formats carryover
      • Reads: 125 kHz - HID, Indala or AWID proximity, 13.56 MHz - iCLASS, DESFire® - ISO 15693 CSN (MyD, I Code, Tag It), ISO 14443A CSN (MIFARE®)
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    SKU: 910PTNNEK00028
  2. HID 40NKS-00-0002BR Signo 40 Pigtail Smartcard Reader with Standard Profile, OSDP, V2, 32-Bit Message, 32-Bit EM, Black with Silver Trim

      • Signo Reader 40 is a founding member of the Signo platform
      • Offering a truly dynamic approach to secure electronic access control
      • HID Signo Readers are designed to be highly versatile, powerful, and connected for the future
      • A perfect fit for door applications requiring wall switch mounting
      • HID Signo Reader 40 supports an unparalleled range of different credential technologies in a variety of form factors
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    SKU: 40NKS-00-0002BR
  3. HID 3250VNNNN iCLASS 2k SE Smart Key, SIO Unprogrammed for iCLASS SE Encoder, No Printed Key Numbering

      • Long-lasting durability – Passive, no-battery design
      • Strong, environmentally resistant design
      • Multi-application capabilities
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    SKU: 3250VNNNN
  4. HID 3250PNNMN HID2K/2 iCLASS SE 325 Key Fob, Black with Blue

      • Read/write contactless smart card technology for high-speed, reliable communications and high data integrity
      • Meets ISO/IEC 15693/14443B standards for contactless communications
      • Multiple securely separated application areas are each protected by 64-bit diversified read/write keys for data access
      • Long-lasting durability - Passive, no-battery design
      • Strong, environmentally resistant design
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    SKU: 3250PNNMN
  5. HID 5005ZGGNN 500 iCLASS-Seos Smart Cards, Composite Polyester/PVC, 16K Bytes, Plain White

      • Strong authentication – First enterprise-ready converged card for securing physical access as well as access to IT resources
      • Increased interoperability – Open, standards-based solution supports future technologies and can store data for multiple applications
      • Technology-independent security – Multi-layered security supports the portable Secure Identity Object (SIOs®) data model
      • Heightened privacy protection – No traceable identifiers exchanged during card sessions, preventing data associated to a card from being divulged or cloned
      • AES-128 bits cryptographic algorithms for data protection
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    SKU: 5005ZGGNN
  6. HID 921NHPNEK0032R pivCLASS RK40-H Smart Card Reader

      • Adaptable – Interoperable with a growing range of technologies (iCLASS Seos®, iCLASS SE, iCLASS®, MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE DESFire®EV1) and form factors including mobile devices
      • Powerfully Secure – The iCLASS SE platform’s Secure Identity Object® (SIO®) data model provides an extra layer of encryption for additional protection of identity data
      • Standardized Communications (OSDP) – Uses Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for secure communications between reader and controller
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    SKU: 921NHPNEK0032R
  7. HID 5266VNNN Seos 8K Key Fob, Unprogrammed, for iCLASS SE Encoder, No External ID Number, Black with Front Logo

      • Compact and convenient - All the power of Seos technology packed into a convenient, pocket-size key fob, designed to attach neatly to a key ring for secure, versatile and open standards-based access control
      • Highly secure - Seos is Secure Identity Object (SIO)-enabled, allowing for multi-layered security beyond the card technology and protecting identity data from unauthorized access
      • Certified - Based on Common Criteria (CC) EAL 5+ hardware platform, ensuring a clear chain of evidence that the platform's security attributes have been rigorously tested and independently verified
      • Multi-application - Part of the iCLASS SE platform, an open and standards-based solution that supports data storage for multiple applications beyond traditional access control, such as secure printing, time and attendance, cashless vending and biometric templates
      • Heightened privacy protection - Seos offers best-in-class data and privacy protection by incorporating mutual authentication and secure messaging mechanisms into stringent best practices for data protection
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    SKU: 5266VNNN
  8. HID 4045CGNU0 EntryProx Proximity Reader

      • Monitor Inputs - Door Position - N.O. dry contact. Request to Exit - N.O. dry contact
      • Sounder - 4000Hz, defeatable
      • Relay Outputs - Strike Relay - Form C, switches up to 1A @ 30 VDC. Aux Relay - Form C, switches up to 1A @ 30 VDC
      • LEDs - Bi-Color (Red/Green), Amber, Infrared (use with Data Transfer Device (DTD) accessory)
      • Operation Strike Time: 1 - 99 seconds (Adjustable); Strike Mode: Access Timer or Toggle/Latch; Door Ajar Time: 10 - 990 Seconds (Adjustable)
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    SKU: 4045CGNU0
  9. HID 3250PNNSN iCLASS 2k SE Smart Key, SIO Programmed, Sequential Encoded/Sequential Non-Matching Printed (Ink jetted)

      • Long-lasting durability – Passive, no-battery design
      • Strong, environmentally resistant design
      • Multi-application capabilities
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 3250PNNSN