Eufy T88101D1 2.1 Megapixel Security Camera System with 2 Wireless Network Bullet Cameras

ACTi Comelit Access Control

ACTi is a top manufacturer in the IP surveillance industry. ACTi focuses on serving all areas of the surveillance industry. The primary goal of is to develop and incorporate a complete solution for users through IP surveillance. ACTi has assisted their customers by providing the best video compression solutions while maintaining optimal Megapixel resolutions while retaining minimal bandwidth. ACTi also focuses on providing their customers with training and support.

ACTi offers a wide range of products allowing them to provide video solutions to all levels of users. ACTi also simplifies things for their users by maintaining a uniformed firmware interface for all devices. With the products and services ACTi offers; these attributes assisted them in being the technology leader in IP Surveillance.

ACTi Corporation
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FAX: 631-297-8325
  1. Comelit 909037154 PAC 512 DCi + Metal Lockable Enclosure with PSU

      • PAC 512 DCi + Metal Lockable Enclosure with PSU
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    SKU: 909037154
  2. Comelit 909020256 PAC K3010 125KHz Proximity Key Fob, 10 Pack

      • KeyPAC K3010 Fob is compatible with the entire Stanley Oneprox and KeyPAC reader and credential range
      • Unobtrusive and compact it fits on a key ring and can be easily incorporated into any existing Stanley PAC security management software
      • Passive proximity technology in the key fob requires no batteries or physical contact with the reader
      • Tokens are virtually wear-free and will provide years of service with no maintenance backed by a lifetime guarantee
      • Robust, world-class construction combined with advanced technology and a pre-programmed unique identification number without site codes
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: 909020256
  3. Comelit 909020116 GS3-LF Vandal Resistant Proximity Reader

      • High quality
      • IP67 rated vandal resistant reader certified to Security Grade 3 level
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    SKU: 909020116
  4. $136.00
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    SKU: 1249B
  5. $6.00
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    SKU: SK9050O-A
  6. ACTi R11C-34 HID Card Reader and Controller with 3,000 Card Database

      • HID Card Reader and Controller
      • 3,000 Card Database
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: R11C-34
  7. ACTi ACS-100 200-Channel 1-Bay Mini Standalone Access Control Server

      • Real-time event monitoring of all connected devices
      • Provide a central location for administrator to do event log, user and device management
      • Backup facial templates, event data and captured images
      • Export reports for access control, attendance management
      • Batch import profiles to all access control devices
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: ACS-100
  8. ACTi R71CF-31 2MP Face Recognition Reader and Controller

      • Access Control with Card + Face Recognition (99%)
      • Wiegand Reader and Controller
      • Bundle with 3000 Face Database
    Low Price Guarantee
    SKU: R71CF-31
  9. Comelit 1452 ViP Series Remote Connection Interface

      • ViP series remote connection interface
      • Dimension: 14x165x190 mm
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    SKU: 1452