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  1. Everfocus ENS2000H NAV Series WEB Network Access Control Management Software

      • WEB-based networks, which enable cross-network and cross-regional control and administration via Wide Area Network and the Internet
      • Independently operating hierarchical structure design may be employed for the terminal and stations to achieve more stable system operation
      • User-friendly real-time electronic map displays for door and controlled areas
      • Supports arbitrary resizing of windows and customized menus
      • Supports anti-duress password access function
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    SKU: ENS2000H
  2. EverFocus Xtron Access Control Central Management, Server Edition

      • Client-server architecture allows multiple user logins simultaneously
      • Multi user level access authority with password recovery
      • Intuitive GUI to manage multiple access control devices
      • Real-time event updates
      • Reporting functions on events, system activities, cardholders, etc.
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    SKU: Xtron
  3. Everfocus XtronSW Access Control Central Management System

      • Access control central management system, server/client software Only for EverAccess system
      • No Mini PC Incl. Client PC to be provided by others
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    SKU: XtronSW
  4. $108.29
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