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16 Camera Security Systems - 5 Megapixel, Wall, Auto Gain Control, Digital Noise Reduction

16-Camera Security Systems

Larger properties can prove challenging when it comes to monitoring them for safety and security. Generally, sizable locations such as buildings, warehouses, schools, or even certain retail centers have more space than one or even ten surveillance cameras can reliably cover. A professional 16-camera wireless security system from Surveillance-Video is the solution that you're looking for. These systems not only include surveillance cameras, but often, they also give you the ability to view the footage live or record and save it for future reference. When you are deciding on a 16-channel security camera system, you'll want to consider which one has the options that best meet your needs.

The type of surveillance cameras included is an important consideration when selecting a 16-camera security system. At Surveillance-Video, our 16-camera systems use infrared bullet cameras, infrared dome cameras, or both. They may be used indoors, and there are also weatherproof outdoor cameras available. A 16-CCTV-camera system is designed to securely send the footage from the camera to a DVR at a specific location. The DVR then records and stores what the CCTV camera is seeing on a hard disk drive. When you purchase a 16-camera DVR system from us, you'll also benefit from footage that is crisp and clear, as many of our security systems use HD lenses and/or record in HD. For those who wish to view their security footage live and from any location, they may consider a 16-channel wireless security camera system with a mobile viewer for smartphone or tablet connectivity. Other considerations and features to take into account include the ease of setup, remote control options, and how a system fits within your budget. To ensure that our items are as affordable as possible, we offer our customers a lowest price guarantee, free shipping on qualified orders, and lifetime technical support.

Because we offer such a wide range of features, it can be difficult to determine which 16-channel security camera system to choose. Fortunately, you don't have to make that decision alone. Our customer support team has the experience and the knowledge to assist you in selecting the best 16-camera security system for your needs. Simply contact us by phone or online by email or live chat. We can help you order the best 16-camera surveillance system for you today!

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