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  1. MuxLab 500025 Monopro XLR M

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    Price: $19.87
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      • Cost efficient cabling via UTP
      • Rugged cable strain relief
      • Line analog audio up to 5,000 ft (1.5km) via Cat 5
      • Digital audio up to 1,400 ft (426m) via Cat5
      • Wires terminate inside product
  2. MuxLab 500100 Active CCTV Transmitter Balun, 12VDC

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    Price: $72.44
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      • Low power consumption
      • Derives power from camera power supply
      • Ground loop isolation
      • Gain compensation switch for 500 to 3,000 ft
      • Fits inside CCTV dome cameras and back boxes
  3. GE Security GEC-PVTC-MSP UTP Passive Video Balun, Male BNC with Surge Protection

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    Price: $23.49
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      • Up to 3,000 feet transmission range
      • NTSC, PAL and SECAM compatibility for optimum flexibility
      • Supports “up-the-coax” signals to carry video and bi-directional PTZ signals
      • Compact size and no power required for video means quick, easy installation
      • 60dB crosstalk and noise immunity for bundling with data, audio and other signals
  4. Speco VIDUTP Video over Cat-5e or UTP Pair

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    Call for Price: 800.955.5201
      • Allows the use of UTP (Unshielded twisted pair) or CAT-5E cabling
      • Eliminates more expensive coaxial cable. More flexible security and surveillance cabling for quicker moves, adds and changes
      • Allows up to 1900 feet for B/W, 1900 feet for color, via CAT-5 UTP
      • Screw terminals for easy connection
      • Compact design
  5. MuxLab 500042 VGA Balun II DB15M Monitor Side

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    Price: $50.40
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      • Designed to eliminate bulky & costly VGA cables
      • Use of UTP cable saves precious conduit space
      • Fire retardant ABS plastic enclosure
      • Velcro mounting pad included
      • Compact design - 2.40" x 2.25" x 1.00" plus 6" lead
  6.  MuxLab 500451-TX HDMI Mono Transmitter

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  7. MuxLab 500018 S-Video/Audio Ground Loop Isolation Balun

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    Price: $48.80
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      • Transmits S-Video/stereo audio channel
      • Supports transmission via Cat5E/6 UTP cable
      • Transmits S-Video signal up to 1,000 feet (305 meters)
      • Transmits audio signal up to 3,250 feet
      • Built-in Ground Loop Isolation (GLI) - up to 50VDC
  8. MuxLab 500306 Shielded CATV Balun

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    Price: $36.23
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      • Bandwidth up to 900 MHz including Internet, digital cable
      • Supports Cat5e/6/7 STP and UTP
      • Fits side-by-side on most RF splitters
      • Lower EMI /RFI egress when STP is used
      • Cast aluminum enclosure for maximum EMI/RFI shielding
  9. MuxLab 500016 S-Video Only Balun

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    Price: $19.95
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      • Allows transmission of a single S-Video signal up to 1,000 ft. (305 m) in a point-to-point connection via Cat5E/6 UTP cable
      • Used in pairs. Two (2) units required per S-Video signal
      • Supports use of UTP as a cost-effective alternative to bulky S-Video patch cables
      • When used in conjunction with MuxLab's A/V distribution hub (500200), the S-Video balun allows S-video programming to be distributed via UTP
      • S-video equipment include DVD players, VCRs, satellite receivers, MPEG players, laptops, monitors, LCD projectors, security cameras, video switchers, sequencers, IP camera servers, video multiplexers, S-Video splitters and S-Video converters
  10. Winic W-VB202C 1 Channel Passive Video Transmitter 1000 Feet L- shape

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    Price: $2.25
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      • 90 Degree Connector
      • Screw Terminals
  11. COP-USA W100VT Balun Twisted Pair BNC to Terminal Block Transceiver

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    Price: $18.00
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      • 600m Transmission Distance
      • RJ45 Connection
      • Terminal Block Output
  12. Muxlab 500720-CL HD CCTV Pass-Thru Balun With Cable Leads

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    Price: $49.95
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      • HD-SDI video, power and PTZ over one Cat5e/6
      • Supports SD, HD and 3G resolutions
      • Works in pairs or with 500720 or 500721
  13. MuxLab 500030 Stereo PC-Audio Balun

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    Price: $31.95
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      • Cost-efficient cabling
      • Up to 5,000 ft (1.5km) via Cat 5/6 UTP
      • Built-in 3.5mm stereo plug lead
      • Eliminate additional adaptors
      • Compact design
  14. MuxLab 500080 LPCM Digital to Analog Converter

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    Price: $65.76
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      • 1x S/PDIF Digital Input
      • 1x TOSlink Optical Input
      • 2x RCA Analog Outputsr
      • Up to 24-Bit/96kHz Conversion
      • 1x Hook & Loop Fasteners Mounting Pad
  15. MuxLab 500031 Modular CCTV RCA Balun

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    Price: $18.92
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      • Eliminates 75 Ohm coaxial cable
      • Transmits video via inexpensive Cat3/5E/6 UTP cable
      • Color signals up to 1,200 feet via Cat3
      • Color signals up to 2,200 feet via Cat5 or higher
      • B&W signals up to 1,500 feet via Cat3
  16. Winic W-VB301R 1 Channel Active Video Balun (Video Receiver, Metal Case)

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  17. COP-USA W103 Category 5 Twisted Pair Kit

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  18. MuxLab 500049-WP-US Stereo AV/IR Pass-Thru Wall Plate Balun, US

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    Price: $55.44
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      • Composite video up to 2,200 ft (670 m) via Cat5E/6 UTP/STP
      • Stereo audio up to 3,250 ft. (990 m) via Cat5E/6 UTP/STP
      • 20 Hz to 20 KHz full audio bandwidth
      • IR 2-wire emitter pass-thru
      • Compatible with Decora(tm) faceplates
  19. NVT NV-RM-15 Rackmount Video/Audio Transceiver System

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    Price: $487.20
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      • Ideal for Video/Audio distribution or video-conferencing connectivity
      • Standard 19in (482mm) 5.25in (133mm) 3U high
      • Supports up to fifteen NV-418AR or NV-518AR Video/Audio Transceivers
      • No cooling fans required
      • Power supply included
  20. MuxLab 500011 VGA Balun DB15F Monitor Side

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    Price: $54.00
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      • Up to 350 feet (106m) via Cat 5 twisted pair @ 800x600 resolution
      • Supports up to 1280x1024 pixels
      • One VGA connector (PC-side:500010, Monitor Side:500011 or 500014)
      • RJ45 for twisted pair

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