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Video Domain

Established in 1997, Video Domain Technologies paved the way for advanced digital video solutions which can help to manage and secure critical home and business assets for post-event analysis and immediate action taking. Video Domain Technologies is a well known industry leader for the manufacturing of miniature digital visual evidence recorders which are integrated with award winning MemoCam technology. MemoCam technology is utilized throughout Video Domain Technologies devices to help revolutionize the way visual recording and management of videos are viewed, along with the way premises are being secured and managed through OVS Offsite Visual Storage. Sold right across the world, Video Domain products have made their presence in the UK and the USA, and have distributors in the Far East, Australia, Africa, Asia, and Europe. With international reputation to match, Video Domain Technologies has serviced the UK Secret Service, US Government, as well as private and government law enforcement agencies. With reliable, dependable, and high quality products available, Video Domain Technologies is the leader in video technology.


USA Office
Phone: 1-305-513-4001
Technical Support: 1-786-467-7068

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  1. Video Domain 11780660 DV-Cop/Cell, DVR w/ VMD, Sleep Mode

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    Video Domain 11780660 DV-Cop/Cell, DVR w/ VMD, Sleep Mode

      • Ideal for Home/Business, Monitoring Remote Sites, Monitoring VehideslTrainsNachts and more
      • Small & mobile, easy to set up and use
      • Solid state device with no moving parts
      • No daily maintenance required
      • Images viewed on any POpocket PC

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