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Continuing the legacy as one of the most recognized names in security, Interlogix affirms a long-standing commitment to market-leading brands. As a convenient one-source provider for our customers, our goal is to provide reliable and intuitive products that meet existing and future security needs. This means you can source your entire system from one provider rather than from different providers across the market. This delivers a hassle free installation and in the unlikely event of any problems occurring easier troubleshooting by the Interlogix support team.

With offices all over the world including the USA, Latin America, Australia and Canada there is always Interlogix office near you. This means that you expect only the best support and aftersales service.

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Optex, Inc. specializes in indoor/outdoor passive and active infrared technology, including a wide variety of hardwired and wireless outdoor detectors and photobeams, specialized sensors to trigger CCTV systems and a one-of-a-kind Class-1 Laser detector for high security applications. These sensors are a valuable addition to any large or high security network allowing the system to detect in multi spectrum and so see things that normal RGB sensors would miss.

Since their founding in 1979, Optex has established a worldwide reputation for quality, innovation, and technical excellence. With their cutting edge technology and high quality materials Optex equipment isn’t just an investment in security it’s an investment in the future.

Optex Incorporated

Tel: (909) 993-5770
Fax: (909) 628-5560

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  1. GE Security 3012N-10PKG Recessed Plunger Clip Mount White, 10-Pack

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    Price: $39.29
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      • Available as plate-mount or clip-mount models
      • 3025T plunger self-adjusts to proper reach
      • Pulling out on plunger shunts switch—disconnection while servicing equipment is unnecessary
  2. GE Security 60-741-43-EUR Recessed Micro Door/Window Sensor

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  3. GE Security, 731U, 2-Wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector w/Auxiliary Relay

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    Price: $45.36
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      • Intelligent, self-diagnostic
      • Built-in drift compensation
      • Photoelectric model has a fieldreplaceable optical chamber
      • Low-profile design
      • Advanced false alarm immunity
  4. GE Security 104-13 135 degree Fixed Temp/Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector, Single Circuit

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    Price: $7.48
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      • Low profile with wide base
      • Positive fixed temperature
      • On-site testing of rate of rise
  5. GE Security 1042TW-N Industrial Surface Mount Terminal Contact

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    Price: $6.92
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      • Terminal Connection
      • Models for use on steel without time-consuming brackets
      • Rugged construction
      • Convenient surface mount wiring
      • Mounting screws
  6. GE Security, 1198-N, Magnet, 1135T Series, White

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  7. GE Security 1225-N Recessed Stubby Wing Fit Contact w/ Wire Leads

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  8. GE Security 1076G-10PKG Recessed Steel Door Mount, 1" Diameter, Grey

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  9. GE Security, R1125TW-N, Recessed Mini-Max Stubby Press Fit Terminal Contact

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  10. GE Security NX-488 ShatterPro Wireless Crystal Glassbreak Sensor

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    Price: $61.08
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      • Detection coverage up to 20 ft, 360
      • Factory-set sensitivity for safer installation
      • Recognizes actual pattern of glass breaking
      • 5-year battery included
  11. GE Security, 1085T-N, Surface Screw Mount Terminal Contact

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    Price: $1.46
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      • Positive terminals with captured screws and combination heads for easy installation
      • Cover, spacers, and mounting hardware included
      • Ideal for residential and commercial applications where terminal connections are preferred
  12. Optex HX-40AM Series High Mount Wired Outdoor Detector with Anti-Masking

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    Price: $129.60
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      • Digital anti-masking function
      • Multiple pattern detection area technology with “Brand-New-inch pyro-element
      • Intelligent AND logic
      • Dual signal processing circuit
      • Vegetation sway analysis logic
  13. Optex FX-40 Indoor Wired PIR with Multi-Focus Optics

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    Price: $19.04
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      • Passive Infrared Technology - Multi-Focus Lens
      • Easy Wiring Knockout & Wide Wiring Space
      • Sealed OpticsECO Technology
      • Hard & Durable Spherical Lens
      • Selectable Pulse Count : 2 or 4
  14. GE Security, 2205AU-L, Overhead Door Extra Heavy Duty Floor Mount Contact

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    Price: $19.96
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      • Miniature, low-profile design
      • Stainless steel armored cable for added security and reliability
      • Wide operating gap for overhead doors
      • Model available for high-security application
      • Fully sealed switch
  15. GE Security 1076C-M Recessed Steel Door Contact w/ Wire Leads

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    Price: $9.84
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      • Designed specifically for use in steel doors
      • Special ribbed sides allow for easy installation
      • Rugged unibody construction for maximum durability and reliability
  16. Optex HX-80NRAM Wireless 80' Long & Narrow High Mount Outdoor PIR

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    Price: $172.03
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      • Compatable with most manufacturer's wireless systems (HX-80NRAM)
      • Includes Inovonics EchoStream EN1941 and battery pre-installed (iSERIES HX-80NRAMi)
      • Active IR Digital Anti-Masking
      • Intelligent 'AND' logic with unique pyro-element
      • Summer Night Compensation logic
  17. GE Security, AP100PI, Mirror Optic PIR w/Pet Immunity, Pet Immunity

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    Price: $10.39
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      • Ignores pets up to 44 lbs
      • Snap-in electronics provided for trouble free installation
      • Adaptive 4D signal processing analyzes size, speed and shape
      • True curtain "barrier" coverage pattern
  18. GE Security 5812NT ShatterPro 3 Glassbreak Sensor

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    Price: $22.67
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      • Easy-access design
      • Test sensor operation with a hand clap
      • Alarm memory
      • 360° coverage in a 25-ft. (7.5 m) radius
      • Models available with tamper
  19. GE Security 60-807-95R-PK Indoor SAW PIR Pet Immune Motion Sensor, 10-Pack

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    Price: $633.08
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      • Indoor Saw PIR Pet Immune
      • Motion Sensor

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