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Power, Video, Data UTP

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When Comelit was first established their first intercom system still worked using thermionic valves. For more than half a century, Comelit has been a leading player in the technology sector and has seen technology go through an evolution from those early beginnings to what we see today. Today they specialize in: door entry systems, access control, video surveillance and telephone switchboards.

In all these application fields what seemed impossible just a few years ago is now a concrete reality. Innovation is the key in all areas of communication and surveillance and Comelit has invested in its R&D program to bring innovation to the forefront of its business activity delivering functional and stylish products for their clients.

Comelit USA

Tel: (888) 692-9739
Fax: (626) 930-0488


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  1. Comelit CBLNPT Passive Balun with PTZ & Power

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    Comelit CBLNPT Passive Balun with PTZ & Power

      • Up to 1,800ft (B/W), Up to 1,200 ft (Color)
      • Connect Power, Video and PTZ (RS485/ RS422) over 1 UTP CAT5
      • Passive, no power required
      • Streamlined compact design
      • BNC to RJ45

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