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For over 50 years Speco Technologies have dedicated themselves to providing the latest innovation in video surveillance and electronic accessories. They have committed themselves to providing cost effective, dependable products for all areas of the industry from DIY to major professional installations and stock a wide range of cameras along with microphones and other accessories all selected for their quality, reliability and ease of use.

At Speco Technologies it not just about the product it’s about the people and they pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer service, and offering extensive product training along with technical and marketing support.

For warranty information click here:

Speco Technologies

Tel: (800) 645-5516 Opt. 3
Fax: (631) 957-3880

Veracity is a fast-growing technology company established in 2005 their aim is to support the evolution and deployment of IP video surveillance, designing unique products which solve some of the inherent problems associated with IP Video. Their products are recommended and trusted by major IP camera manufacturers worldwide. With a global sales network and partnerships with some of the biggest IP video brands in the industry Veracity has become one of the market leaders in the IP Video field.

Through their network of wholesalers and retailers Veracity ensures that their end users get only the best in service and support employing a strict vetting process when taking on new partners. With the help of Veracity the world of IP Video no longer needs to be a place of mystery but one of mainstream operation.

UK Veracity Company Head Quarters:

Tel: +44 (0)1292 264967
Fax: +44 (0)845 528 1081

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  1. Speco IPPOEINJ25 PoE Injector, 25W
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    Price: $128.00
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      • Compatible with IEEE 802.3at (25W) gigabit high power over ethernet pre-standard, PSE/PD
      • Injector provides DC56V power over ethernet cable to devices with ethernet port
      • Supports PoE power up to 25W for PoE port
      • Support 10/100/1000 BASE-T transmission rate
      • Power input LED indicators
  2. Veracity VPSU-12V-U 12V DC Power Supply
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  3. Speco T2510 10W 25V Line Transformer
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  4. Speco PSR-4C 4 Amp Regulated 12VDC Power Supply
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  5. Speco SPVP Video & Power Surge Protector
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    Price: $34.44
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      • Two-stage protection 130V, AC/DC12V
      • 2-pin terminal+ BNC male to 2-pin terminal + BNC female
      • Max power input AC 40V Max, DC 56V Max
      • Max current up to 2 Amp
  6. Speco P4W5DUL 4CH @ 5A DC Camera Power Supply, UL Certified
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    Price: $59.28
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      • UL listed
      • 12VDC fused output for 4 or 9 cameras
      • More than 1A per channel output
      • Individual PTC auto reset fuse for each output
      • Individual LED status indicator for each output
  7. Speco PS48VDC2A 48VDC 2A Power Supply for 8 & 16 channel NSP and 8 channel ZS
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  8. Speco IPPOERPT PoE/LAN Repeater
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    Price: $114.00
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      • Extends both power and data up to 1000'
      • No external power required
      • Compatible IEEE 802.3af PoE standard rate
      • Built-in LED status indication
      • Plug and play for easy installation
  9. Veracity, VQ-24V-US, Camswitch Quad Power Supply 24V DC (US)
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    Price: $25.92
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      • Five-port unmanaged 10/100 switch
      • Power Over Ethernet (POE) supplied to cameras on four ports
      • Unique 12V DC / 24V AC power connection via screw terminals
      • Automatic Ethernet configuration and safe power management
      • Compact, rugged enclosure
  10. Speco VID2412CONV CCTV Power Converter 24VAC into 12VDC
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    Price: $9.88
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      • AC to DC12V Power Converter with DC plug cable 500mA Max
      • AC14-AC24 to DC12V, DC15-DC30 to DC12V (Regulated)
      • For DC type camera or video power sources convert using AC24V for professional CCTV industry Installation
  11. Speco T70255 5W 70/25V Dual Transformer
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  12. Speco SPPOE POE Surge Protector
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    Price: $68.00
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      • RJ45 Jack to RJ45 Jack
      • Power and signal line protection
      • 10/100 BASE-T CAT5/5e compatible
      • 802.3af POE compatible
  13. Speco PSW5 12VDC Plug-in Power Supply, 1000mA
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  14. Speco DRSWMPS 12 Volt, 5 Amp LCD/DVR Power Supply For all Speco DVR's
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  15. Veracity CS15-4U-PS Coldstore Power Supply
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  16. Speco IPPOESPL1295 POE Splitter 12.95W
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    Price: $44.00
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      • Compatibile with IEEE 802.3af (12.95W) PoE standard, PSE/PD
      • Splits the 48VDC power RJ45 ethernet cable into DC 5V/12V output
      • Support 10/100/1000 BASE-T
      • Two adjustable output voltage options (5V/1.8A, 12V/1A) to fit various devices BASE-T transmission rate
      • Power input LED indicators
  17. Veracity VOR-OB5 Outbreak PoE Splitter
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    Price: $52.14
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      • Fully Compliant with IEEE802.3af PoE Splitter
      • Allows you to upgrade low-power network devices or non-network devices such as IP cameras, access control panels, and VoIP telephones to be fully PoE compatible
      • Delivers 5V power and network data connection to non-PoE units
      • Full protection from OTP, OCP, and OVP
      • Converts PoE to the required lower voltage supply
  18. Speco T7010 10W 70V Line Transformer
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  19. Speco SPCOAX Coaxial Video Surge Protector, BNC Conntector
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  20. Speco PSW-3 24VAC Plug-in Power Supply, 20VA
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