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Aiphone has become the most respected and reliable brand of communication systems in the world. Based in Japan and exporting to 60 countries Aiphone prides itself on having local operations with their North American marketing and sales distribution centre near Washington opening in 1970.

Aiphone have a range of products that include everything from small home systems to some of the largest commercial security networks available. They are famous for their quality and are the first and only intercom manufacturer to win the Deming Prize, the highest international award for quality control. They were also the first to receive ISO 9001 certification, and the only one selling in North America.

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  1. COP-USA 12VPK4.5A Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack

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  2. COP-USA PS18AC AC Power 24 Volts 100 VA 4200mA Power Supply Box (18 Ports)

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  3. COP USA RK16DC-10A 16 Port Rackmountable 12VDC Power Supply 10 Amp W/ Fuse

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    Price: $85.25
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      • 12VDC Power Supply
      • Rackmountable
      • 16 Port Input
      • 10 Amps W/ Fuse
      • 19" Rack Mount Power Supply
  4. COP-USA SP-RS485 RS485 Data Surge Protection

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  5. COP-USA 24VAC-7.2VA 120VAC Input 60Hz Output CCTV Power Supply

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    Price: $9.53
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      • 60Hz Output
      • 120V AC Input
      • 7.2VA
      • 24VAC 300mA
  6. COP-USA SP03  Lightning Surge Protection Device N Female Connector

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    Price: $32.00
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      • UTP Surge Protection
      • RJ45 Connector
      • N Female Connector
      • Lightning Protection
      • Protect Your Security Cameras
  7. Aiphone, PS-2420UL, 24V DC POWER SUPPLY, 2A UL

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  8. COP-USA AC24H-1.2A NEW 12V Converter 24VAC input 50HZ/60HZ 2A - 12VDC 1.5A (MAX)

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  9. COP-USA PS18DC-12A Regulated Power Supply Box

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  10. COP-USA SPAC Power AC Surge Protection

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  11. COP-USA 24VAC-40VAH 24V AC-Input 120VAC 60Hz Output AC 24 VAC 1.67A 40VA

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  12. COP-USA 9V1200MARS 9V DC Regulated Power Supply 1.2 Amp Switching

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  13. Aiphone, PS-1225UL, 12V DC POWER SUPPLY, 2.5A, UL

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  14. COP-USA PS18AC-200VA High AC Power 24V 8.4Amps Power Supply Box ( Ports)

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  15. COP-USA 12V1500MARS Power Supply 12V 1.5 Amp UL Listed Regulated Switchable

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    Price: $12.86
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      • 12VDC
      • 1500mA (1.5A)
      • Surveillance Power Supply
  16. COP-USA 28VAC-60W, 24V AC- Input 120VAC 60Hz Output AC 24 VAC 2500mA 60VA

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  17. COP-USA 12V3500MARS Power Supply 12V 3.5 Amp UL Listed REGULATED Switchable

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    Price: $18.00
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      • 12V 3.5Amp
      • Regulated Switching Type Power Supply
      • UL Listed
  18. Aiphone, PT-1210N, 12V AC PLUG-IN TRANSFORMER, 110V INPUT, UL

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    Price: $13.00
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      • Class 2
      • Compact
      • Plug-in style power source
      • UL listed
      • Wiring Connection: Screw terminals
  19. COP-USA PS09DC DC 12V 5Amps Power Supply Box (9 Ports)

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  20. COP USA RK16AC-200VA 16 Port Rackmountable 24VAC Power Supply 200VA W/ Fuse

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    Price: $106.65
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      • 24VAC Power Supply
      • Rackmountable
      • 1.5AMP & 200VA
      • 36W & Uses Fuses
      • 19" Length & 16 Port Inputs

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