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  1. NUUO SCB-IP-P-ENT 08 IP+ Enterprise Surveillance System, 8 Licenses

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    Price: $920.00
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      • 8 Licenses
      • For SCB-IP Surveillance Software
  2. NUUO SCB-IP-P-LITE-UP-08 Upgrade to IP+ Version

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    Price: $510.00
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      • Up to a maximum of 4 cameras
      • Supports 61 Brands of IP Network Cameras
  3. 55-NR030-000 Geovision 30 Channel NVR Software License (Third Party IP)

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    Price: $1,425.60
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      • Support for FE110 fisheye camera and ImmerVision IMV1 Panomorph lens
      • Video compacting by keeping key frames only
      • Schedule center for compacting video, merging video, and fast backup and restore
      • Face count function
      • Compatibility with IP devices using ONVIF/PSIA standards
  4. Toshiba SWSGENT8 Sg Ent 8 Terminal Base Licenese

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    Price: $865.51
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      • Real-time HD and SD camera recording
      • 32 channels for IP and analog cameras
      • Automated IP assignment and management
      • Up to 8 TB of internal storage
      • Video synchronized to text sourcesn
  6. NUUO NT-Titan-UP-08 Electronic IP License for Titan NVR, 8 Cameras

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    Price: $736.00
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      • Electronic license
      • Enables addition of 8 IP Cameras to the NUUO Titan NVR
  7. Everfocus NVR-4008UP 8-Camera Expansion License for Commander NVR

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  8. Toshiba HYBUPG-8 8 Channel Hybrid License to Change Analog to IP

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    Price: $286.71
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      • For Toshiba Surveillix DVRs
      • Converts Signals from Analog to IP
  9. Bosch BRS - T410 -S0E108 8-Channel Recording Station Rackmount (4TB)

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    Price: $5,400.00
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      • With IP Video Management Software
      • Connects 64 Video Sources per Station
      • 2U High Chassis
      • Rack Mountable
      • Supports Bosch H.264 / MPEG4 Devices
  10. NUUO SCB-IP-P-LITE-08 8-Channel IP Lite Software License

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    Price: $257.00
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      • Supports up to 8 channels 1
      • Supports megapixel IP cameras
      • Supports H.264 compression format
      • Triple monitor display
      • E-Map
  11. Everfocus NVR-08SGR NVR Surveillance Management Software, 8 Licenses

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    Price: $851.20
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      • Accepts MPEG4/MJPEG/H.264 video formats
      • Remote PTZ operation and supports PTZ reaction presets
      • Multiple monitor display with up to 4 cameras in Live View and Playback View
      • Local view with 1 or (optional) 2 monitors for Live View plus (optional) 1 monitor dedicated for simultaneous Playback View
  12. Bosch BRS-BASE-08A Recording Station Base License (8 IP Cameras)

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    Price: $748.65
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      • Recording and Management Software for IP video
      • Connect up to 64 video sources per station
      • Supports Bosch H.264/MPEG-4, third-party MPEG-4 and JPEG devices
      • HD / Megapixel camera support
      • Unlimited remote receiver stations
  13. Dedicated Micros, DM-LS-IPC-8, Third Party IP Camera License, 8 Channel

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  14. NUUO SCB-IP+ 08 IP Camera Software, NVR Software

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    Price: $644.00
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      • Compatible with Windows XP & Windows Vista operating system
      • Scheduled, motion detection, and continuous recording
      • Dual monitor real-time A/V display
      • Compatible with over 470 models of IP cameras
      • Can be used with NUUO DVR cards to integrate both IP and CCTV cameras
  15. Bosch MBV-XCHAN-DIP DIVAR IP 8 Channel Expansion License

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  16. Toshiba SW-IP8 8 Channel Stand-Alone Network Recording Software License

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    Price: $831.93
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      • Record up 16 IP-based cameras per NVR server
      • Fully scalable in combination with the SCS remote software, giving users the ability to remotely manage 100+ network cameras
      • Cameras need not be onsite to record. The NVR software can record over the Internet
      • Cost-effective solution to traditional DVR's
      • Records image resolutions as high as the IP Camera supports, including megapixel cameras
  17. BVC-ESIP08A Bosch Video Client 8-Camera License

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    Price: $432.00
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      • Allows you to add 1 additional IP camera to the Bosch Video Client software
      • Video Client software is a Windows based application that enables real-time viewing and playback of cameras connected in a network
      • PTZ cameras can be managed by dragging the mouse in the cameo position (to select a single image area within the video display area) or using the PTZ control console
      • You can listen to the audio present within a selected camera via PC audio
  18. NUUO NE-MINI-UP-08 License Upgrade for NVRmini 2, 8 Licenses

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    Price: $460.00
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      • Electronic license
      • Increases the recording capacity of the NE-4080 NVR to 16 cameras
  19. Everfocus NVR-208UP 8 Camera License Upgrade for Elite Series NVRs

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  20. GeoVision LPR (License Plate Recognition)+DVR S/W +USB 8 Lane - 55-LPRPT-008

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    Price: $2,295.00
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      • Control up to 255 GV-DVR LPR and / or GV-DSP LPR
      • Up to 40,000 vehicles
      • Multiple vehicles per user
      • Import / export of vehicle data in Access or Excel file format
      • GV-ASWeb: Remotely enroll vehicles and set up GV-DVR LPR or GV-DSP LPR on GV-ASManager

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