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  1. Axis 0333-051 Cross Line Detection (50-Channel)

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    Axis 0333-051 Cross Line Detection (50-Channel)

      • Trip-wire Application
      • Installed on Axis Network Cameras
      • Suitable for Low-traffic Areas
      • Useful for Detecting Moving Objects
      • Automatically Triggers an Event
  2. Geovision, 55-DSPCH-000, Dispatch Server (GEOV55DSPCH000)

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    Geovision, 55-DSPCH-000, Dispatch Server (GEOV55DSPCH000)

      • Create, edit groups of GV-Center V2 servers and subscribers
      • Up to 50 GV-Center V2 servers and 25,000 GV-System subscribers manageable
      • Network Load Balancing: Distribute GV-System requests to GV-Center V2 servers by Group or by least connections available
      • Direct GV-Center V2 servers to GV-Dispatch server available
      • View real-time GV-Center V2 events and attached videos

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