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Sony is one of the largest names in the business when it comes to cameras. With a broad range spanning from CCTV cameras of all shapes and sizes to professional motion picture grade 4k units they have something for every application. Sony have been in the industry for a long time developing new and innovative ways to use technology and producing robust systems that are hard to match for quality and price.

The advantage of working with such a large player in the industry is the excellent support services they can offer their customers. From online FAQ’s and forums to their dedicated phone support department they will be able to solve any issue in whatever mode you chose.

For warranty information click here:

Sony Broadcast & Business Solutions Company

Tel: (800) 883-6817

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  1. Sony, YT-ICB140, In-Celing Mount Kit

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  2. JVC CMVN-C6 Corner Mount Adapter for VN-C625U/VN-C655U Cameras

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    Price: $68.60
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      • For indoor or outdoor use
      • Durable aluminum construction with powder coat finish
      • Threaded bolt inserts for easy installation
      • Supports weight loads up to 60 lbs (27 kg)
  3. JVC PMTK-C205WA Pendant Mount for VN-C225 / 235VPU Cameras

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  4. JVC Recessed Ceiling Mount for TK-C2201UA Mini Dome Camera

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    Price: $54.12
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      • For Hard or Drop Ceilings
      • White Trim Ring
  5. Sony UNI-MDPX Pendent Mount Adapter for X Series Minidomes

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    Price: $56.38
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      • Outdoor wall mount attaches to most vertical surfaces
      • Housing is made from durable ABS plastic
      • Capsule dome is made from polycarbonate
      • 24V AC heater and blower to maintain operating environment (-4ºF ~ 104ºF)
      • IPX4 or IP66 selectable IP rating
  6. JVC WM-VPOD Wall Mount for Outdoor Fixed Dome Cameras

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  7. Sony UNI-WMB1 Gooseneck Wall Mount Bracket

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    Price: $94.59
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      • Gooseneck wall mount bracket
      • Required when wall mounting indoor/outdoor pendant mount housings
      • 1-1/2" NPT
      • Must be used when wall mounting the SNC-RH164, SNC-RS84N and SNC-RS86N
  8. Sony UNI-XSB1/T Silver Mounting Bracket for Use with SNC-CH110 and SNC-CH210

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    Price: $7.60
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      • Mounts SNC-CH110/CH210 HD Cameras
      • Silver Finish
  9. Sony UNI-MDPDH120 Pendant Mount for Indoor Minidomes

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  10. JVC PM-OPTZ Pendant Mount for VN-H657WPU PTZ Network Dome Camera

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  11. JVC POLEM-VPOD Outdoor Pole Mount Adapter

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  12. Sony UNI-MDB1 Pendant Mount Adapter for SSC-CD73V

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    Price: $100.61
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      • Pendant mount
      • Vandal resistant
      • Minidome camera
      • Wall mount bracket
  13. JVC WB-S684U Short Pendant Mount Bracket for TK/VN-68x Series

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  14. Sony UNI-RMB2 Extended Parapet Mount Bracket

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    Price: $528.06
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      • Roof (parapet) Mount Bracket
      • Allows direct mounting of outdoor pendant mount housings
      • Pendant arm swings in for easy access to pendant housing
  15. Sony UNI-WMBB1 Aluminum Wall/Pole Mount Back Box

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    Price: $60.76
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      • For Mounting on a Wall or Pole
      • Aluminum Construction
      • Includes Mounting Straps
  16. YT-ICB45 - In-Ceiling Mount Kit

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  17. JVC JB-VPOD Outdoor Junction Box Mount Adapter

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  18. JVC PMVN-C6 Parapet Mount Bracket for VN-C655U/C625U Cameras

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    Price: $367.32
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      • Durable construction with powder coat finish
      • Standard 1.5" NPT pipe threading for easy connection to a HPMVNC-6 dome housing
      • Access plug for easy wire pulls
      • Swings back over the roof for easy mounting and dismounting
  19. Sony UNI-BBB1 Outdoor Aluminum Wall/Pole Connection Box

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    Price: $55.12
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      • Mounts to poles 3 - 6 inches in diameter, with included pole mount and (2) two straps.
      • Conduit holes are suitable for a 3/4 inch conduit fitting that are provided on the back and bottom of the adapter.
      • Knockouts allow mating to a double gang electrical bo
  20. JVC WB-S681U Hanger Cap TK/VN-V686

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Items 1 - 20 of 38
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