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ORION Images Corporation (OIC) leads the industry in the design and development of commercial grade LCD monitors certified for use in demanding 24/7/365 operations. Built to the international standard ISO 9001 OIC monitors are designed to meet the diverse needs of CCTV, Pro A/V and Commercial users. Unlike traditional consumer monitors that are designed to be turned off every 8 – 10 hours and can only be warranted in residential applications OIC monitors are built to run 24 / 7 / 365 continuously.

With their global headquarters is in Westminster, California and manufacturing base in Korea OIC have emerged as one of the fastest growing global manufacturers of PCB's and LCD monitors. Their strong team of customer service specialists provide the best possible support allowing OIC to continue to build on its reputation for superior technology, innovative solutions, competitiveness, performance and reliability.

ORION Images Corporation

Tel: (714) 766-6300
Fax: (714) 766-6310

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  1. Orion CM-1 Camera Universal Metal Mount with Extender

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  2. Orion CM-2 Camera Universal Metal Mount with Cable Hole

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