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JVC KENWOOD USA Corporation is a primary leader and developer of video and audio products in today's market. JVC uses superior technology to transform ordinary devices into exceptional image and sound producing products. Offering a complete line of advanced, high quality and professional equipment, JVC delivers to the world superior camcorders, studio cameras, Blu-ray recorders, HD studio monitors, and 3D/4K camcorders.

Headquartered in Wayne NJ, JVC's D-ILA projection technology has been used in projection based systems to create and simulate high performing home theatres. Also leading the world in IP and analog video surveillance products, JVC delivers safety and security to homes, businesses, and industries alike. The creator of analog color recording technology, JVC has continued to produce a range of technologically advanced innovations and digital compression algorithms which are now used in all digital based formatted devices including Blu-Ray, DVD and digital broadcasting. Driven to deliver excellence, JVC will continue the push to bring only the very best to the audio and video industry.

For warranty information click here: http://pro.jvc.com/prof/terms.jsp

Phone: (973) 317-5000
Fax: (973) 317-5030

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  1. Corner Mount Bracket (JVCCMOPTZ)

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    Corner Mount Bracket (JVCCMOPTZ)

  2. Corner Mount Bracket (JVCCMVNC6)

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    Price: $67.44
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    Corner Mount Bracket (JVCCMVNC6)

      • For indoor or outdoor use
      • Durable aluminum construction with powder coat finish
      • Threaded bolt inserts for easy installation
      • Supports weight loads up to 60 lbs (27 kg)

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