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If you look back over the milestones of the surveillance industry you will find the name Ikegami. The Ikegami name in the USA had small beginnings starting out in 1964 with just $2,000 in capital and a small Manhattan sales office. Since then, the company has become a recognized leader in the color television camera industry and a major supplier of high end broadcast equipment. Ikegami is now one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality professional broadcast equipment offering a broad range of TV cameras for ENG, EFP, Studio, HDTV and CCTV. Their name has become synonymous with quality with many of their products receiving awards for engineering excellence.

By listening to their customers' comments and opinions, Ikegami will continue manufacturing products, which meet the market’s needs.

For warranty information click here: http://www.ikegami.com/faq/warrbr.html

Ikegami Electronics (USA) Inc.

Tel:(201) 368-9171 x 235
Fax: (201) 368-1305


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  1. IR Remote Control, Batteries Included 2 x AAA (IKEGRCSDR)

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  2. Optional Sun Shade for PAC- ODH & PAC- OD2H (IKEGIKHS9483SS)

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    Optional Sun Shade for PAC- ODH & PAC- OD2H (IKEGIKHS9483SS)

      • Compatible with PAC-509 ODH and PAC-509 OD2H cameras
      • Protection from the direct rays of sun
      • Reduces internal temperature for smooth operation

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