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Batko specializes in the manufacturer of protective enclosures for surveillance equipment and offers a wide range of tough, easy-to-install products. Since the early 1980’s Batko has been developing and delivering enclosures to put cameras in locations previously thought to be impossible, this was demonstrated with the introduction of their popular insulated enclosures in 1987.

Now offering over 200 enclosures for cameras, DVR’s and monitors along with various protection accessories, BATKO is a well-established leader in North America. With a focus on simplicity and providing the best value, BATKO designs both indoor and outdoor enclosures, as well as specialist enclosures for extreme environments.

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Tel: (418) 286-6842 / 800-463-1455
Fax: (418) 286-4201 / 800-261-3514

LOUROE ELECTRONICS® is the leading U.S. manufacturer of Audio Monitoring Systems, microphones and base stations. Their line of Verifact® microphone and microphone / speakers systems are designed to interface DVRs, IP Network Cameras, Soundcard modules, Video Servers, Encoders/ Decoders and CCTV systems. Audio products can be used in stand-alone systems as well as integrated into an existing system and can feature single or multiple zones and one-way listen or two-way listen/talk functions.

Dedicated to its clients LOUROE ELECTRONICS has dedicate support features built into its website, they also encourage their clients to pick up the phone if they any questions and speak with their highly skilled customer service team.

Louroe Electronics

Tel: (818) 994-6498
Fax: (818) 994-6458

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  1. Batko FD-1609C 9.5-inch Replacement Clear Dome
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  2. Batko FAF2012 Air Funnel For FB-2012 And FBA2012
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    Price: $107.80
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      • 15 vent holes (0.375'' spaced over 6'' L)
      • Aluminum construction
      • Use with FB-2012
  3. Batko FSA-140813 Pole Mount for FRI-140813
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    Price: $207.20
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      • 8 ga. aluminium construction
      • Robust & lighweight
      • Easy to install
  4. Louroe Electronics LE-129 Speakerphone Conversion Unit
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    Price: $279.53
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      • Contains audio inputs (terminal blocks) for microphone and speaker connection from Louroe TLO
      • Sends power to speaker/microphone (TLO)
      • Drives audio signals into DVR, IP network cameras, etc
      • Amplifies talkback from receiving device for broadcast through TLO speaker
      • Contains level controls for listen and talkback
  5. Louroe Electronics LE-261 Grill
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  6. Louroe Electronics LE-265 Mounting Ring for TLM-CS Speaker/Microphone
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  7. Batko, PB2012L, Front Window Face Plate With 6" Sun Shield
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  8. Batko FD-1609S 9.5-inch  Replacement Smoke Dome
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  9. Batko FSM-DVR6U Wall Bracket For FR-DVR6U
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    Price: $92.40
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      • FR-DVR6U can be installed front facing
      • The FSMDVR6U can be used as well with the Le FR-CPU01, FR-TLR01, FR-1816, FR-1819, FRE-1816, FRE-1819
      • Can be installed sideways to provide access to the rear
      • Strong but lightweight
      • Aluminum construction, 11 Ga
  10. Batko FSM-FR191822 Wall Mount Bracket Kit For FRI-191822 and FRI-191822H
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  11. Louroe Electronics LE-221 Flush Mount Plastic Backbox
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  12. Louroe Electronics LE-242 Louroe Electronics 12VDC Power Supply
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    Price: $13.76
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      • Class 2 plug-in transformer
      • Output is 12 Vdc, 500mA
      • Input is 120 Vac, 60 Hz, 12W
      • UL/CSA Listed
      • LE-242 Power Supply is used with Louroe Models APR-1, AP-2, AP-4, AP-8, IF-1, IF-4, IF-8, DA-4, LA-1000, MA-1, SA-1A, and AMT-600
  13. Batko FD-1609P 9.5-inch  Replacement Opaque Dome
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  14. Batko P-FGH07 Lock For FR-1611, FR-1816, FR-1819, FR-TLR01, FR-142229
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  15. Batko FSM-191022 Wall Mount for FRI-191022
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    Price: $364.00
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      • Easy to install
      • Very strong
      • 8 ga. aluminum construction
  16. Louroe Electronics LE-230 Sound Activated Switch
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    Price: $152.59
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      • Adjustable threshold level control
      • 2 relay contacts for activating cameras, lights, machinery, etc
      • Adjustable re-set from 0.5 to 60 sec
      • Alarm LED indicator
      • Automatic electronic switch to pass audio to base station
  17. Louroe Electronics LE-081 Square Vandal Resistant Ceiling Grill Baffle
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  18. Louroe Electronics LE-266 Mounting Ring for TLI, Surface Mount
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  19. Batko, CLE-AV-T-12, Short Arm Security T Key
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  20. Batko FD-1609PS 9.5-inch  Replacement Opaque Dome with A Smoke Window Stripe
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