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Pelco is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video security systems. Its product range includes high-definition cameras, Network IP cameras and video management software. Pelco’s long history in the industry shows through in its product range with each unit crafted to a high standard and packed with the latest features.

Founded in 1957 and based in Clovis, California, Pelco has committed itself to 100% customer satisfaction. In 2007 Pelco began its partnership with Schneider Electric and is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative products and exceptional customer service both now and into the future making Pelco one of the most sought-after supplier in the video security industry

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Tel: (800) 289-9100
Fax: (800) 289-9150
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  1. Pelco CM9700-CBL-06FT 16 Channel, Coaxial Ribbon Cable, 6 Feet
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  2. Pelco CM9700-CBL-10FT 16 Channel, Coaxial Ribbon Cable, 10 Feet
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  3. Pelco CM6700-VMC2 CM6700 Monitor Expansion Card NTSC
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    Price: $193.54
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      • 16 Video Inputs; 2 or 4 Video Outputs
      • 20-Character Camera Title
      • Time (24-Hour or AM/PM Formats); Date (4 Formats)
      • Alarm Display Call-up from 18 Direct-Connect Alarm Inputs
      • Video Inputs Individually Selectable for Terminating or Looping
  4. Pelco CM6800E-KIT CM6800E-48X8 Switcher Expansion Cables
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    Price: $320.14
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      • 48 Video Inputs, 8 Video Outputs; Can Be Expanded to 96 x 16
      • Inputs Allow for Viewing and Control of Cameras, Domes, PTZs, Multiplexers, and Other Devices
      • Includes Multiple Language Menus and On-Screen Text
      • Video Inputs 1-40 Individually Selectable for Terminating or Looping with Switches on Rear Panel
      • Supports Coaxitron® and RS-422 Camera Control
  5. Pelco CM9760-CDU-TCM9760 Matrix Code Distribution Unit
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    Price: $389.49
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      • Two 8-Position, RJ-45 Parallel Connectors Provide an Input from a Controller and an Output for and Additional
      • Daisy-Chained CDU Unit
      • Sixteen 3-Position Screw Terminal Connectors Used to Output 16 RS-422 Transmit-Only Code Lines
      • Allows for Home Run (Star) Type Wiring of PTZ Data Lines
      • Standard 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Line Input (Auto-Ranging)
      • Provides 16 Driver Outputs Continuous monitoring of active and standby CC1s
  6. Pelco CM9760-DMR CM9760 Matrix Data Manager
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    Price: $544.32
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      • Choose One of Three Different Operating Modes: Keyboard Expander, Camera Control Expander, or Data Merger
      • Connect Up to Four CM9760-KBD Keyboards to One Data Port
      • Address Up to 64 PTZ Cameras From One Data Port
      • Allow Up to Four Matrix Switchers, DVRs, or Direct Keyboards to Share Control of Up to 32 PTZ Cameras
      • Both RJ-45 Connectors and Screw Terminals Are Provided for Each Data Port
  7. Pelco CM9760-ALM Matrix Alarm Interface Up To 64 Inputs
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    Price: $516.10
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      • Each Unit Can Handle Up to 64 Alarms
      • Up to Four Units Can Be Daisy-Chained From One CM9700 Series CC1 SERCOM Port for a Total of 256
      • Alarms
      • Alarm Inputs Can Be Configured in Groups of 16 for Supervised or Unsupervised Mode
      • Alarm Inputs in Groups of 16 Can Be Wired Either Normally Open or Normally Closed
      • Each Unit Has One Common Alarm Relay Output
  8. Pelco CM9780-RPM Rear Panel Monitor Card
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    Price: $182.25
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      • For use with CM9780 Series Matrix Switchers
      • Provides 16 BNCs to connect monitor outputs to matrix bay
      • Interfaces video output signals from a video output card
  9. Pelco REL2064 Relay Interface Unit 64 Outputs
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    Price: $1,387.01
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      • 64 SPST Dry Contact Outputs
      • Provides Direct or Automatic Control of Peripheral Equipment
      • Connect to the CM6800 Series Matrix Switchers Using Pelco’s M Protocol
      • Uses RS-485 Communication Interface
      • Powered by an Auto-Ranging Power Supply
  10. Pelco CM9765-VMC 16 Output Video Monitor Card
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  11. Pelco CM9765-VCC 32 Input Video Camera Card
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  12. Pelco CM9765-RPS Rear Panel Side Frame / Down Frame Card
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  13. Pelco CM9765-RPC Rear Panel Video Card
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  14. Pelco ALM2064 64 Input Alarm Interface Unit
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    Price: $637.06
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      • 64 Alarm Contact Inputs
      • Connects to the CM6800 Series Matrix Swtichers Using Pelco’s M Protocol
      • Uses RS-485 Communication Interface
      • Multiple Units May be Cascaded to Provide Multiple Alarm Contact Points on a Single M Port Connection
      • Alarm Inputs May be Configured for Supervised or Unsupervised Mode
  15. Pelco CM9700-CC1 CPU Controller For Large Matrix
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  16. Pelco CM9765-MXB Video Matrix Bay
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  17. Pelco CM9765-DFL Matrix Dwnfrm CRD CM9765 Loop
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  18. Pelco CM9765-DFC Matrix Dwnfrm CRD CM9765
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  19. Pelco CM9760-SEU CM9760 Matrix Serial Expansion Unit
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    Price: $1,122.51
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      • Continuous Monitoring of Active and Standby CPUs
      • Automatic or Manual Switching to Standby CPU in the Event of a Failure
      • Diagnostic LEDs Show CPU Status
      • Audible Alert in Case of CPU Failure
      • Manual Control of Diagnostic Monitor and Keyboard Allows Servicing/Programming of Either CPU Without Interrupting System Operation
  20. Pelco CM9760-REL CM9760 Matrix Relay Interface Cage 64 Outputs
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    Price: $934.62
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      • Each Unit Provides Up to 64 Single-Pole, Single-Throw (SPST) Contact Outputs for Operating Different Peripheral Equipment
      • Relay Output Contacts Can Be Configured for Normally Open (Factory Default) or Normally Closed Operation
      • Memory Feature Allows Relay Groups to Retain or Hold Their Contact Position in the Event of a Power Failure or Front Panel Reset
      • Multiple Units Can Be Daisy-Chained to Extend the Number of Relay Contact Outputs Controlled from a Single Port on the CC1 (Over 5,000 Relay Outputs Can Be Configured)
      • The Relay Unit Can Be Remotely Placed Up to 4,000 Feet (1,219 meters) from the Controller (RS-422 Operation)

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