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Bosch Security Systems is one of the big names in the security industry with offices and distributers all over the globe. Their product portfolio includes mainly large integrated video surveillance, access control; intrusion and fire detection systems which are used by major schools and universities, government agencies, correctional facilities, retail stores and entertainment facilities throughout the world.

Bosch Security Systems investment in research and development is unmatched within the industry and enables them to regularly update products and introduce new technologies. Bosch is also committed to upholding the highest standards for service. For more than 125 years, the Bosch name has stood for quality and reliability and this tradition continues with Bosch Security Systems committed to delivering their customers with only the best in security equipment.

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Customer Service

Tel: 1-800-289-0096

Pelco is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video security systems. Its product range includes high-definition cameras, Network IP cameras and video management software. Pelco’s long history in the industry shows through in its product range with each unit crafted to a high standard and packed with the latest features.

Founded in 1957 and based in Clovis, California, Pelco has committed itself to 100% customer satisfaction. In 2007 Pelco began its partnership with Schneider Electric and is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative products and exceptional customer service both now and into the future making Pelco one of the most sought-after supplier in the video security industry

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Tel: (800) 289-9100
Fax: (800) 289-9150
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  1. Pelco CM9700-CBL-06FT 16 Channel, Coaxial Ribbon Cable, 6 Feet
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  2. Pelco CM9700-CBL-10FT 16 Channel, Coaxial Ribbon Cable, 10 Feet
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  3. Pelco CM6700-VMC2 CM6700 Monitor Expansion Card NTSC
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    Price: $190.08
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      • 16 Video Inputs; 2 or 4 Video Outputs
      • 20-Character Camera Title
      • Time (24-Hour or AM/PM Formats); Date (4 Formats)
      • Alarm Display Call-up from 18 Direct-Connect Alarm Inputs
      • Video Inputs Individually Selectable for Terminating or Looping
  4. Pelco CM6800E-KIT CM6800E-48X8 Switcher Expansion Cables
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    Price: $314.42
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      • 48 Video Inputs, 8 Video Outputs; Can Be Expanded to 96 x 16
      • Inputs Allow for Viewing and Control of Cameras, Domes, PTZs, Multiplexers, and Other Devices
      • Includes Multiple Language Menus and On-Screen Text
      • Video Inputs 1-40 Individually Selectable for Terminating or Looping with Switches on Rear Panel
      • Supports Coaxitron® and RS-422 Camera Control
  5. Bosch LTC 8808-00 32 Channel Video Interconnect Panel
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  6. Pelco CM9760-CDU-TCM9760 Matrix code distribution unit
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    Reg: $382.54

    Price: $363.64

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      • Two 8-Position, RJ-45 Parallel Connectors Provide an Input from a Controller and an Output for and Additional
      • Daisy-Chained CDU Unit
      • Sixteen 3-Position Screw Terminal Connectors Used to Output 16 RS-422 Transmit-Only Code Lines
      • Allows for Home Run (Star) Type Wiring of PTZ Data Lines
      • Standard 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Line Input (Auto-Ranging)
      • Provides 16 Driver Outputs Continuous monitoring of active and standby CC1s
  7. Pelco CM9760-DMR CM9760 Matrix Data Manager
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    Reg: $534.60

    Price: $508.19

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      • Choose One of Three Different Operating Modes: Keyboard Expander, Camera Control Expander, or Data Merger
      • Connect Up to Four CM9760-KBD Keyboards to One Data Port
      • Address Up to 64 PTZ Cameras From One Data Port
      • Allow Up to Four Matrix Switchers, DVRs, or Direct Keyboards to Share Control of Up to 32 PTZ Cameras
      • Both RJ-45 Connectors and Screw Terminals Are Provided for Each Data Port
  8. Pelco CM9760-ALM Matrix Alarm Interface Up To 64 Inputs
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    Price: $506.88
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      • Each Unit Can Handle Up to 64 Alarms
      • Up to Four Units Can Be Daisy-Chained From One CM9700 Series CC1 SERCOM Port for a Total of 256
      • Alarms
      • Alarm Inputs Can Be Configured in Groups of 16 for Supervised or Unsupervised Mode
      • Alarm Inputs in Groups of 16 Can Be Wired Either Normally Open or Normally Closed
      • Each Unit Has One Common Alarm Relay Output
  9. Bosch LTC 8016-90 16-Channel Allegiant Bilinx Data Interface Unit
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    Price: $709.73
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      • Bilinx technology interface for Allegiant Series matrix switcher/controllers
      • Up-the-coax Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ), auxiliary, and preposition control
      • Down-the-coax event reporting
      • Auto-sensing setup for simplified installation
      • Data input allows other devices to control Bilinx PTZ cameras
  10. Bosch LTC 8568-00 Signal Distribution Unit, 32 Separate Biphase Outputs
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  11. Bosch LTC 8569-60 Code Merger Units
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  12. Bosch LTC 8570-60 Code Merger Units
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  13. Bosch LTC 8610-01 Spare CPU Module For LTC 8601-60 Bay
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  14. Bosch LTC 8621-00 Video Input Module For LTC 8601, 16 Video Inputs Per Car
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    Price: $511.44
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      • 128 Camera by 16 monitor switching
      • Modular construction
      • Powerful alarm handling capabilities
      • SalvoSwitching and SatelliteSwitch capability
      • PC-based software package available
  15. Bosch LTC 8712-60 Allegiant Console Port Expander, Half Rack, 120VAC, 60HZ
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  16. Bosch LTC 8713-60 Alarm Port Expander for UP TO 4 LTC 8540/00 Units
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  17. Bosch LTC8714/60 Keyboard Port Expander for Allegiant Systems - Up to 8 Keyboards
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  18. Bosch LTC 8715-60 Port Expander for Multiple LTC 8714/60 Units
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  19. Bosch LTC 8768-00 Signal Distribution Unit, 64 Separate Biphase Outputs
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  20. Bosch LTC 8810/01 CPU Module for LTC 8800 Series
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