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  1. Comelit 3183 Vandalcom Stainless Steel System Engaged Signaling Module For Digital Systems

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    Price: $117.00
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      • Made of double 2.5 mm stainless steel plate, it is used to indicate the engaged state of systems with traditional entrance panels
      • Complete with flashing LED for visual indication of the system state
      • The white translucent card is supplied blank for printing any instructions
  2. Comelit 3188 Vandalcode Keypad Without Display Stainless Steel Module

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    Price: $393.90
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      • Module designed with 2.5 mm dual stainless steel plates, complete with backlit keypad
      • With 300 different 8-letter codes programmable from the keypad to command two (10A) relays, operation confirmation buzzer and relay actuation LED
      • Time-scale for relay closing programmable from the key pad
      • 12V AC/DC power supply
      • Dimensions 106mm x 106mm x 56mm
  3. Comelit 3010/2/R Roma Series Brass Audio Entrance Panel with 10 Push-Buttons on 2 Rows

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  4. Aiphone ICP-AB Antique Brass Panel

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    Price: $86.00
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      • Decorative face plate
      • Antique brass finish
      • For IE-JA / LE-DA
  5. Comelit 3240-4-R Roma Series Brass Video Entrance Panel With 40 Push-Buttons On 4 Rows

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    Price: $3,347.50
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      • Video entry phone entrance panel with front plate made from solid brass plates 3 mm thick with PVD coating
      • Complete with flush-mounted box and vandalproof fixing screws
      • All the entrance panels are fitted with lamp holder (without bulb) for 6.3X39 diameter festoon bulb
      • The entrance panel must be completed with an audio/video unit which depends on the type of cabling
  6. Aiphone LEF-3L 3-Call Surface Mount Master W/Sel Door Release

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    Price: $203.00
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      • Selective door release control
      • CCTV camera call-up capability
      • Single or multiple masters can be used in a system
      • Intermixable, any number of masters and remotes up to 4 total stations
      • Master to master communication in a multi-master system
  7. Comelit 6101WM Planux Touch Screen Monitor With Memory-White

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    Price: $332.80
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      • Flush-mounted
      • Wall-mounted
      • Desk base-mounted
      • Surface-mounted
      • OSD display
  8. Aiphone TD-1HL 1 Call Handset Sub Master with 1-LED & Tone Off Switch

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    Price: $189.00
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      • Available in 1call sizes
      • Selective calling with visual indication
      • TONE OFF switch mutes call tone
      • Tone can be in the ON or OFF position
  9. Aiphone GT-2HS Hands-Free Color Video Sub Station for use with GT-2C/CB/CS

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    Price: $454.00
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      • ADA compliant design
      • Large variety of entrance and tenant stations - buildings can have a mix of all stations
      • 170° PanTilt & Zoom video camera for larger viewing area
      • Built-in access code keypad for keyless entry (500 codes)
      • Alpha-numeric room numbering
  10. Comelit EX-5702 Bravokit Color Expansion Monitor, Includes Monitor and Bracket

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    Price: $241.08
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      • Handset version Bravo monitor with 4 color screen, white gloss color, with the rear silver colored base
      • It is fitted as standard with door-opening pushbuttons and two pushbuttons for various functions, signaling LED, brightness adjustment, contrast adjustment and slide call volume adjustment
      • The Privacy function, which allows the video entry call to be temporarily excluded, is standard and is obtained by positioning the call volume on zero
      • It can be converted into the desk version with 5712 Bracket
      • Dimensions 212x225x55 mm
  11. Aiphone JM-4HD 7-inch Touchscreen Handset/Hands-Free Sub Master For JM Series

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    Price: $1,155.00
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      • 7” Color touchscreen LCD
      • Hands-free (VOX) or handset communication
      • Door release button
      • Optional service button
      • PTZ and brightness control
  12. Comelit 3311/1W Module-Holder Frame Complete With Cornice For 1 Module

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  13. Comelit 6101W-C Planux Lux  Full Duplex Monitor in All White

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    Price: $325.00
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      • 3.5 colour monitor with OSD
      • Equipped with sensitive touch technology and full-duplex hands-free function. Audio, ringtone, colour, brightness and contrast controls
      • You can select the ringtone you want from a choice of 7 different tunes
      • Equipped with door lock release pushbutton with LED, audio enable/disable pushbutton with LED, privacy or doctor function (selectable from menu) pushbutton, automatic switch-on pushbutton, 2 spare pushbuttons for various uses and 4 pushbuttons for menu access, navigation and confirmation
      • The monitor must be flush mounted using a 6117
  14. Aiphone AP-1M 1-Call High Power Master, Ac Cord

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    Price: $626.00
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      • One or two master configuration
      • 1, 5 or 10-cell master consoles
      • 10 watt output
      • Desk/wall or ceiling subs available
      • 8 ohm speaker w/ talk back
  15. Comelit 3020/2/R Roma Series Brass Audio Entrance Panel with 20 Push-Buttons on 2 Rows

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  16. Aiphone IE-1GD Chime Tone Intercom System IEH-1CD

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    Price: $96.00
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      • Thin and compact body design, matching interior decor
      • 4-stroke chime and LED illumination for doorstation call-in
      • Simply pick up handset at any room station to reply to the caller
      • Transfer of door station call to another room
      • Door release button on room station
  17. Comelit 3272 Electronic Directory Module for ViP System

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  18. Aiphone LEF-10S 10-Call Surface Mount Master W/Sel Door Rel, All Call BTN

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    Price: $283.00
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      • Intermixable system with any number
      • Masters and subs to maximum capacity
      • Selective calling, monitoring, and optional All Call
      • 3, 5, and 10-call masters
      • Wide variety of master and sub stations available
  19. Channel Plus DMC-10H Structured Wire Intercom Hub

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    Price: $326.31
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      • Supports any mix of up to 8 room, patio, or door stations, up to 16 stations using two hubs
      • Hub connects to stations with standard Cat-5 wiring (up to 500 feet per station)
      • Type 110 punch-down Cat-5 color-coded terminals for stations and optional expansion hub
      • Privacy mute and door release overrides selectable by station
      • Choose from three distinct chime sounds for door station
  20. Aiphone YAZ-90-3W Microprocessor Master Handset, White

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    Price: $304.00
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      • Microprocessor built-in intercom expandable to maximum 90 stations on 4-pair cable
      • Up to 1.8 miles wiring distance total
      • Communication functions: Camp-on busy, secretary transfer, call transfer
      • Paging or multiple zone paging with optional talk back
      • Line-off trouble on one channel does not affect the other channels

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