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American Video Equipment, (AVE) designs and manufacturers closed circuit television products for a wide variety of applications. AVE is best known as a world leader in POS/cash register to video integration allowing POS data to be recorded directly onto your surveillance tape. This feature allows for unique advantage in the retail industry as records of every transaction are backed up automatically as they happen.

Based in Houston, Texas, AVE has been a partner to it's authorized dealers, distributors, and OEM customers since 1988. An all American company AVE will always offer the best service in the industry by answering your questions personally. Their dedicated staff knows their products inside out and will help you get the best out your system no matter where its installed.

Call Us
Tel: 281-443-2300
Fax: 281-4438915

Canon U.S.A., Inc., headquartered in Melville, New York, is a leading provider of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions. Canon is a name synonymous with quality of production delivering some of the finest lenses on the market. While Canon produce a wide range of technology their surveillance systems are some of the highest specifications in existence.

Working mainly with larger camera networks they product ground-breaking new technologies that end up as the industry standard in the future. Their hardware development come hand in hand with excellent software that is easy to use and packed with useful features that allows their clients to get the best out of an integrated system.

Canon U.S.A., Inc.

Tel: (800) 652-2666

At Scallop imaging they have taken a truly new and innovative approach to the way the world should view cameras. For over 200 years the design of the camera has largely remained unchanged with a single lens and a single image capture point. This has meant that up until now if you wanted a wide angle view you must use a fish eye lens, which despite the best efforts by manufactures around the world usually means distorted edges. This is where Scallop imaging are doing things differently by distributing the imaging task among multiple smaller sensors and computationally combining their outputs in the camera itself. This approach means that if you want higher resolution, use more cameras focused on the same area, want truly panoramic shots, position multiple cameras whose images overlap in the processing unit.

One thing they have kept with tradition in is providing excellent customer support with a website that boasts a fully featured FAQ section along with a documents library for all their products. They also have a friendly customer support team ready to take your call and offer you pre and post-sale service that is second to none.

Scallop Imaging

Tel:(617) 849-6400 x 328
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  1. Scallop Imaging, A7-180 7 Megapixel 180 degree Analog Surveillance Camera

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  2. Scallop Imaging DW05-100-001 6 Megapixel 200 Degree Monochrome Low Light Camera

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    Price: $2,595.00
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      • Revolutionary 200 (H) x 60° (V) ?eld of view 6 MP monochrome ultra low light camera
      • Two simultaneous video streams
      • 720 HD combining a constant 200° situational awareness view and up to 4 simultaneous detail views
      • Full resolution (4800 x 1280 pixels) at 1 fps for recording and viewing forensically
      • Small architectural form factor
  3. Scallop Imaging DW01-100-001 7 Megapixel 180 Degree IP Surveillance Camera

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    Price: $1,568.51
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      • Five 1.3 MP CMOS Sensors
      • 7 MP, 180° Panoramic Image
      • Depth of Field 1' to Infinity
      • Field of View 180 x 48°
      • 2 Simultaneous Video Streams
  4. AVE 121061 DWDR 600/700 Line Color Bullet Camera, 4-9 MM Varifocal Lens

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  5. AVE, 121041 24 High Intesity IR LEDs with 80' Range-IP67 rated

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  6. AVE 121030 DWDR 600/700 Line CLR Indoor Dome Camera, 2.8-12 MM

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  7. AVE 121042 WDR 600/700 Line Outdoor Dome Camera, 2.8-12 MM

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  8. AVE 121051 WDR 600/700 line BOX Cam,.0003 lux,12 VDC, indoor, supports auto Iris, C/CS MNT

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  9. AVE 121033 WDR 600/700 Line CLR Indoor Dome Camera, 2.8-12 MM

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  10. AVE, 121043 24 High Intesity IR LEDs with 80' Range-IP67 rated

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  11. AVE 121031 DWDR 600/700 Line CLR Indoor Dome Camera

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  12. AVE 121060 DWDR 600/700 Line Color Bullet Camera with IR Illuminators to 32 Ft. 4 MM Lens

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  13. AVE 121021 Outdoor 30X D/N, 1/4-inch Sony CCD Camera

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  14. AVE 121040 DWDR 600/700 Line Outdoor Dome Camera, 2.8-12 MM

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  15. AVE 121050 DWDR 600/700 line BOX Cam,.05 lux,12 VDC,indoor, supports auto Iris, C/CS MNT

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  16. AVE 121032 WDR 600/700 Line CLR Dome Camera, 2.8-12 MM

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  17. AVE, 121024, Vandal Dome, 1.3 MP CCD + DC12V + POE+ D/N, Varifocal

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  18. AVE, 121025, Mini Dome, Indoor, 1.3 MP CMOS + POE, Fixed 3.6mm

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  19. Canon VC-C50i PTZ Analog Cameras

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    Price: $666.97
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      • Low Light Performance
      • Wide Angle View Or Zoom In
      • Wide Pan And Tilt Ranges
      • Easy Connection and Installation
      • Canon Quality Images
      • Compact Size
  20. Canon VB-H41 Full HD IP Security PTZ Cameras

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    Price: $2,055.00
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      • Genuine Canon 60.4° Lens with 20x Optical Zoom and Auto Focus
      • ONVIF version 2.2 / Profile S Conformant
      • 2.1 Megapixel CMOS Sensor
      • Class Leading Low-light Performance
      • On-board Video Analytics

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