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Fujifilm U.S operates in 27 states and engages in the research, development, manufacture, sales and service of Fujifilm products. The company serves a broad spectrum of industries in the U.S. including electronic, information systems, motion picture, broadcast and photography. As with all the major players in the industry the advantage to working with Fulifilm is the dedicated customer support teams and detailed online knowledge bases that are synonymous with the larger companies. This allows their customers to gain the support and information they need when they need it through a broad range of channels.

For the past 78 years Fujifilm International has continually invested in research and development resulting in world-class, highly versatile core technologies. While these technologies have their roots in photographic technology Fujifilm continue to innovate and produce new products and services for a diverse range of businesses around the world.

FUJIFILM, Optical Devices Division

Tel: (973) 633-5600
Fax: (973) 633-5216

EverFocus is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of surveillance equipment including cameras DVR’s and control systems.

Everfocus is a true manufacturer conducting all their research and development as well as product assembly in house. This means that when you buy an Everfocus product it’s not a third party product that has been tested and rebranded, it’s made by them. This allows Everfocus to deliver high quality dependable units suitable for some of the most challenging environments in the world.

Based in Taiwan EverFocus has offices located around the world including the U.S.A (California & New York), Germany, China and Japan.

For warranty information click here:

EverFocus USA - California:

Tel: (626) 844-8888
Fax: (626) 844-8838

EverFocus USA - New York:

Tel: (631) 436-5070
Fax: (631) 436-5027

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  1. Fujinon D8x7.8HA-SE2 Standard Zoom Lens, 7.8-63mm, 8x

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    Price: $344.40
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      • Offers 8x telephoto zoom and a wide aperture of f/1.2 and ensures high performance even at low-intensity lighting, rendering it suitable for security and monitoring applications
      • Focal length ranges from 7.8-63 mm and an 8x zoom
      • Compact (3.79 x 2.36 x 2.83" / 96.3 x 58 x 72 mm) and lightweight (0.8 lb / 400g) and hence can be installed in small CCTV housings
      • Uses motor-controlled zoom and focus, while providing auto (DC type) iris operation
      • Supports highly sensitive cameras via T400 based built-in ND filter
  2. Fujinon Y12x6A-YE2 POTS DC Auto Iris Zoom Lens

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    Price: $389.00
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      • Zoom
      • Motor Drive
      • Wide Angle
      • Telephoto Long Focal
      • DC Auto Iris
  3. Fujinon D32x10HR4D-YE1 Telephoto Zoom Lens, 10-320mm, 32x Zoom

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    Price: $4,278.45
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      • 32x telephoto zoom lens with an iris range of f2.5 that offers high performance even in low-light conditions
      • Compatible with 1.3 MP cameras with 1/2", 1/3", and 1/4" image sensors
      • Focal length ranges from 10-320 mm
      • Integrated preset potentiometer for ease of operation
      • Built-in ND filter allows you to use the lens with highly sensitive cameras
  4. Fujinon DV4x12.5SR4A-SA1L 5 Mp 12.5 to 50mm Day/Night Varifocal 4x Zoom Lens

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    Price: $277.83
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      • High image-quality monitoring with optical performance support up to 5 Mp
      • Advanced design engineering and special optic glass adopted, well suited for color, B&W and Day/Night cameras
      • Range of 12.5 to 50mm, supporting various applications
      • Wide aperture of F1.6 optimizes the performance at low lighting intensity
      • Designed to maximize optical performance with high-accuracy aspheric lens, low-dispersion glass, and high refractive-index glass
  5. Fujinon D12X8A-SE2 1/2-Inch CS-Mount 12x Motorized Zoom Lens with Auto Iris DC

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    Price: $398.00
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      • Multiple power supply (6V, +/- 6v, 12V, +/- 12V) supported, enabling the use of existing control systems
      • Built-in ND filter of T400, supporting super sensitive cameras
      • Motorized Zoom (8-96mm)
      • DC Auto-Iris
      • CS-Mount
  6. Fujinon D8x7.8HA-YE2 POTS 8x Standard Zoom Lens, F1.2-T400 Iris Range, 7.8-63mm

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  7. Fujinon D32x15.6HR4D-YE1 Telephoto Zoom Lens, 15.6-500mm, 32x Zoom

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    Price: $5,812.74
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      • Optically corrected 32x telephoto zoom lens with an iris range of f3.9
      • Offers high performance even at low-intensity lighting
      • Multi-power compatibility for connecting to existing control systems for 24-hour zoom operation
      • Offers focal length of 15.6-500 mm and a 32x zoom which makes it suitable for remote surveillance applications
      • Compatible with 1.3 MP cameras with 1/2", 1/3", and 1/4" image sensors
  8. Fujinon Y12x6A-SE2 12x Zoom Video Lens with CS-type Lens Mount

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    Price: $324.00
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      • CS- Lens Mount
      • Variable Focal Lengths
      • Built In Neutral Density Filter
  9. Fujinon D12X8A-YE2 POTS 1/2-Inch CS-Mount 12x Motorized Zoom Lens with Presets

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    Price: $496.95
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      • Motor Drive with Presets
      • Auto Iris DC
  10. Fujinon DV10X8SR4A-SA1L C-Mount 8 to 80mm D/N Varifocal DC Auto Iris Lens

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    Price: $233.00
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      • For 1/2, 1/3, 1/4" CCTV Cameras
      • Aspherical Lens
      • Long Telephoto Focal Length
      • ND Filter / Metal Mount
      • Wide Aperture Ratio of F1.6

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10 Item(s)

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