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Digimerge take pride in meeting and exceed industry standards with their surveillance equipment’s features and functions. Digimerge is in the forefront of connectivity with their extensive suite of mobile apps offering the Security Industry’s best array of functions. This specialisation also extends to software enabling the connection of multiple DVRs with Digimerge’s CMS being among the most robust and easy to use software on the market.

Digimerge surveillance systems are very flexible in their application and are suitable for small, medium size commercial and industrial applications with the ability to integrate their new products into existing security systems.

For warranty information click here:

US Office

Tel: 1-866-344-4674

Located in Tampa, FL with manufacturing facilities in Korea, Digital Watchdog is committed to delivering powerful security solutions to its customers worldwide. Digital Watchdog is a leading manufacturer of security and surveillance solutions, offering stunning image quality, advanced hardware capabilities and reliable customer support. By operating its own production facilities Digital Watchdog has streamlined the manufacturing process of its equipment allowing it to pass on significant savings in time and money to its customers while still maintaining a high quality product.

Digital Watchdog has also invested in extensive pre-sale and after-sale support solutions including offices, phone support and online support to ensure that their clients will always be able to get their question answered no matter where they are.

For warranty information click here:

Head Office

Tel: 1.813.888.9555
Fax: 1.813.888.9262

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  1. Veilux VX-WLCDM 2.5-inch TFT LCD Test Monitor
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    Price: $92.86
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      • 2.5 inch TFT LCD Monitor
      • Manual Operation
      • Video System Input: PAL / NTSC
      • Specially Used in CCTV Testing and Monitoring
      • Available For Navigation
  2. Digital Watchdog DW-VLOOP Looping Output Connector for VMAX 480 DVRs
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  3. Digital Watchdog DWC-BLJUNC Junction Box for B1, B2 Bullet camera
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  4. Veilux VCH-619 Camera Housing
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    Price: $38.67
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      • Outdoor / Indoor - Camera Housing
      • Nylon + Fiber Glass in Beige
      • Appearance: 151mm (W) x 145mm (H) x 390mm (L)
      • Suitable Camera: 95mm (W) x 80mm (H) x 250mm (L)
      • Optional Accessories: Heater, Blower, IR LED
  5. Digital Watchdog DWC-P12CMS Sunsheild Ceiling Mount Bracket for 12X PTZ Camera
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  6. Veilux SVEX-M15 Camera Mounting Bracket Stainless Steel
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    Price: $228.67
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      • Stainless Steel
      • Mounting Type - Wall Mount
      • Indoor & Outdoor Use
      • Easy Installation & Maintenance
  7. Digital Watchdog DWC-P39POLM Pole Mount for PTZ39X
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  8. Veilux VVHD-WM Dome Mounts
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  9. Digital Watchdog DWC-V1CM Ceiling Mount Bracket for Select Dome Cameras
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  10. Veilux SVL-0358A Focal Length, 3.5~8mm, Aperture, 1.4~360 Mount CS
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    Price: $40.60
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      • Focal Length: 3.5~8mm
      • Aperture: 1.4~360
      • 1/3 inch Format
      • CS Mounts
      • Color Corrected Optics
  11. Digimerge MNTV1XR Corner Mount Bracket for DEZ16TO22 / DPD14T / DPD14W / DPV14D / DPD14W
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  12. Digital Watchdog DWC-MCAM Angle Mount Bracket for Micro Dome Cameras
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    Price: $15.82
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      • Angled mounting bracket for micro dome cameras
      • Constructed with strong materials
      • Angled design to fits the micro dome camera
      • Compact in size
      • Easy installation
  13. Digimerge MNTV2XP Pole Mount Adapter
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    Price: $31.20
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      • Pole Mount Adapter for Pinnacle Series Vandal Dome Cameras
      • For Indoor and Outdoor use
      • Vandalproof
      • Compatible with DPV24D, DPV24DL, DPV24TLX
  14. Digital Watchdog DWC-V4WM Wall Mount Bracket for Snapit Vandal Dome Cameras
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    Price: $29.66
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      • Wall Mount Bracket
      • Designed for all Digital Watchdog Snapit Dome Cameras
      • Works with V1 and V3 Type Outdoor Dome Cameras
      • Includes opening to store and protect connections
      • Clean organized look
  15. Veilux SVEX-HSF Liquid Cooling Dustproof Housing
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    Price: $1,210.29
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      • Cooling Liquid to Cool Temperature
      • Compressed Air to Form Wind Curtain & Keep Window Clean
      • Stainless Steel Material
      • Fixed or Zoom Lens Be Inside
      • Steel Plain Glass
  16. Digital Watchdog DWC-FMSNAP Flush Mount Bracket for Snapit Housing
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  17. Veilux S6 PTZ Surface Mount
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    Price: $116.20
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      • Pan / Tilt / Zoom Mount
      • Indoor Use
      • Plastic in White
  18. Digital Watchdog DWC-P39PARAM Parapit Mount for PTX39XAL
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    Price: $326.57
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      • Parapit / Roof Mount
      • For Outdoor Use
      • Gray Finish
      • 44lbs Max Load
  19. Veilux SVM-POLE Pole Adapter for PTZ Dome Camera
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    Price: $75.60
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      • Stainless Steel in Beige
      • 203mm (W) x 216mm (D) x 254mm (H)
      • For Use With W6 Outdoor PTZ Wall Mount
  20. Digital Watchdog DWC-PMB-BU Pole Mount Bracket for Bullet Camera
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