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VideoComm Technologies has started a revolution in security surveillance with their advanced wireless technology. Wireless video transmission eliminates the costs associated with running wires over long distances or difficult to reach locations. This presents new opportunities to protect lives, property and assets in ways that have been impractical in the past. VideoComm Technologies is ready to meet almost any CCTV application you can imagine from large scale high powered systems spanning distances of up to 200 miles to small networks covering a few hundred feet they have a product that will reliably free your system from the restrictions associated with running wires.

VideoComm Technologies is the recognized market leader in wireless video transmission technologies, products and technical support. They know their products inside out so when it comes to pre and after sale service you can’t do better than the best and that’s what VideoComm deliver.

For warranty information click here: http://www.videotransmitters.com/What-is-the-warranty-policy-with-VideoComm-products

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Tel: (888) 379-2666
Fax: (905) 336-9662

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  1. RCA-Male- 4 Feet - RCA-Male - Video & Audio Cable

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